CSK Vs RCB Head To Head Record

CSK vs RCB is one the most fascinating rivalries [x.com]CSK vs RCB is one the most fascinating rivalries [x.com]

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are two of the Indian Premier League's (IPL) most charismatic teams, with distinctive strengths and a passionate fan base. CSK, under the leadership of MS Dhoni, has been a model of consistency and clutch performance, winning five IPL titles with a balanced squad of experienced internationals and rising domestic players.

While CSK has thrived on smart tactics and a strong winning record, RCB's journey in the IPL is a tale of spectacular individual performances and heart-stopping matches that, despite their efforts, have yet to culminate in a title win. Let us look at the head to head records of the two teams in IPL.

CSK vs RCB Head-to-Head Record

MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are two cricketing giants, who are adored and admired by countless fans. Their friendship and mutual admiration off the field are legendary, but on the cricket pitch, especially in the IPL, they represent their sides with fierce intensity.

The CSK-RCB matches, often referred to as the Southern Derby, are thrilling contests that deliver edge-of-the-seat games, nail-biting finishes, and individual brilliance that leaves fans gobsmacked. This rivalry, fuelled by passionate and loyal fanbases, turns every match into a high-octane drama.

In the IPL's history, CSK and RCB have clashed 31 times, with CSK leading the tally by securing 20 wins, RCB claiming 10, and one match concluding without a result. 

No Result

CSK vs RCB Head-to-Head Stats

Sr No.
32March 22, 2024CSK6 WicketsIPL 2024Chennai
31April 17, 2023CSK8 RunsIPL 2023Bengaluru
30May 4, 2022RCB13 RunsIPL 2022Pune
29April 12, 2022CSK23 RunsIPL 2022Navi Mumbai
28September 24, 2021CSK6 WicketsIPL 2021Sharjah
27April 25, 2021
CSK69 RunsIPL 2021Mumbai
26October 25, 2020
8 WicketsIPL 2020Dubai
25October 10, 2020
RCB37 RunsIPL 2020Dubai
24April 21, 2019
RCB1 RunIPL 2019Bangalore
23March 23, 2019
CSK7 WicketsIPL 2019Chennai
22May 5, 2018CSK6 WicketsIPL 2018Pune
21April 25, 2018CSK5 WicketsIPL 2018Bangalore
May 22, 2015CSK3 WicketsIPL 2015Ranchi
19May 4, 2015CSK24 RunsIPL 2015Chennai
18April 22, 2015CSK27 RunsIPL 2015Bangalore
17May 24, 2014RCB8 WicketsIPL 2014Bangalore
16May 18, 2014RCB5 WicketsIPL 2013Ranchi
15May 18, 2013RCB24 RunsIPL 2013Bangalore
14April 13, 2013CSK4 WicketsIPL 2013Chennai
13April 25, 2012No Result-IPL 2012Chennai
12April 12, 2012CSK5 WicketsIPL 2012Chennai
11May 28, 2011CSK58 RunsIPL 2011Chennai
10May 24, 2011CSK6 WicketsIPL 2011Mumbai
9May 22, 2011CSK8 WicketsIPL 2011Bangalore
8April 16, 2011
CSK21 Runs
IPL 2011Chennai
7March 31, 2010CSK5 WicketsIPL 2010Chennai
6March 23, 2010RCB36 RunsIPL 2010Bangalore
5May 23, 2009RCB6 WicketsIPL 2009Johannesburg
May 14, 2009RCB2 WicketsIPL 2009Durban
3April 20, 2009CSK92 RunsIPL 2009Port Elizabeth
2May 21, 2008RCB14 RunsIPL 2008Chennai
1April 28, 2008CSK13 RunsIPL 2008Bengaluru

CSK vs RCB Head-to-Head in IPL On FAQ's

Q.1. How many times have CSK and RCB faced each other in IPL history?

Answer: CSK and RCB have locked horns 32 times in the history of the IPL.

Q.2. Which team has won more matches in the CSK vs RCB matches?

Answer: Chennai Super Kings lead with 21 victories over the Royal Challengers Bangalore, who have won 10 times. One match ended with no result.

Q.3. Who is the top run-scorer in the CSK vs RCB head-to-head matchups?

Answer: Virat Kohli is the leading run-scorer in these fixtures with 1020 runs.

Q.4. Who are the top three run-scorers in the CSK vs RCB games?

Answer: Virat Kohli (1020 runs), MS Dhoni (740 runs), and Suresh Raina (616 runs) are the top three run-scorers.

Q.5. Who has taken the most wickets in the CSK vs RCB matches?

Answer: Ravindra Jadeja leads the bowling chart with 18 wickets in the CSK vs RCB encounters.