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Why Rohit Wanted To Relinquish T20 WC 2024 Bonus Money? Here's The Heart-Warming Reason

Rohit Sharma at prize distribution ceremony held at Wankhede Stadium (X.com)Rohit Sharma at prize distribution ceremony held at Wankhede Stadium (X.com)

In a heartwarming gesture, Indian captain Rohit Sharma raised his voice during the T20 World Cup winning prize distribution ceremony to demand equal and fair share for the unsung heroes i.e the support staff.

The Indian cricket team comprising 15 players, and several coaching and support staff, created history at Barbados on June 29 by winning the 2024 T20 World Cup, thus ending the long withstanding ICC trophy drought. 

The fans back home were jubilant and became a part of the wild celebrations that took place on July 4 in Mumbai. 

The open bus parade made its way to Wankhede Stadium amidst a sea of crowd where BCCI secretary Jay Shah awarded a 125 crores prize money to the team which had to be distributed amongst every member involved in the victory.

Rohit's heartwarming gesture towards support staff

While the players' share was significant, accumulating to a maximum of 5 crores each, the coaching staff’s share was reduced to half, with the support staff’s share even lesser.

However, as per reporter Abhishek Tripathi, Rohit Sharma took a stand against the uneven distribution and demanded equal pay for all the coaching staff, including the extra staff members. 

The reporter added that Rohit raised his voice against the distribution pattern and even offered to relinquish his bonus share to ensure that the support staff, who played a crucial role in the World Cup, are paid fairly. 

Needless to say, Rohit took into account each individual’s contributions into consideration before raising his voice against something he felt deeply for.

However, the precise distribution pattern is still unknown to fans as BCCI is handling that part behind closed doors.