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[Watch] 'Finger On Your Lips' - KKR's Coach Chandrakant Pandit Teases Harshit Rana

Chandrakant Pandit shares light moment with Harshit Rana [x.com]Chandrakant Pandit shares light moment with Harshit Rana [x.com]

In the thrilling 54th match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) showcased their dominance against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), securing a formidable victory by 98 runs to move at the top of the points table. 

Opting to bat first, KKR posted an impressive total of 235 runs, setting a challenging target for LSG.

However, amidst the intense battle on the field, a light-hearted moment stole the spotlight during the second innings. In a strategic timed-out called by KKR after 7.3 overs, coach Chandrakant Pandit engaged in a humorous banter with player Harshit Rana.

Caught on camera, Pandit could be seen gesturing for Harshit to remain silent and placing a finger on his lips, evoking laughter from the players and fans alike.

Watch: KKR Coach Pandit's Hilarious Exchange with Harshit Rana

Notably, Pandit, known for his strict demeanour, rarely exhibits such joviality during matches, making this interaction a refreshing sight for cricket fans.

While the exact words exchanged between the Coach and Rana remain undisclosed, fans eagerly anticipate unraveling the mystery behind the amusing exchange.

Harshit Rana, already in the spotlight for his stare down and flying kiss celebration earlier in IPL 2024, added another memorable moment to his stint in the tournament.

Despite facing a one-match ban for his previous actions, Rana continues to captivate attention with his on-field antics.

With this victory, KKR solidified their position at the top of the points table, boasting 8 wins out of 11 games and enhancing their prospects for the playoffs. 

As they gear up to face Mumbai Indians (MI) in their next encounter at Eden Gardens on Saturday, May 11, fans anticipate another thrilling clash.