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India To Stay In Amritsar And Take 1 Hr Ride To Lahore For CT 2025? Bizarre Suggestion Stumps PAK Media

Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam during Asia Cup (X.com)Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam during Asia Cup (X.com)

The debate and discussions over India's participation in Champions Trophy 2025 scheduled to be held in Pakistan is getting intense with each passing day. There are some reports that are suggesting that India will not travel to Pakistan and that has not gone well with PCB and even Pakistan media.

There is lot of media hype in both the countries, and to add more fuel to the debate, Vikrant Gupta, a prominent Indian sports journalist suggested that India can stay in Amritsar and take a one hour ride to Lahore for their matches in Champions Trophy 2025. Though the suggestion was made on a lighter note, but Farid Khan, one of the most active Pakistan journalist on X, posted it on his official handle.

PAK Journalist's Post On Vikrant Gupta's Suggestion -

Vikrant Gupta reacted on it that it was just humour and nothing else, but the fact that such a suggestion has come forward speaks a lot about the confusion regarding the format of Champions Trophy.

Hybrid Model for Champions Trophy 2025?

India probably want the hybrid model like it was during Asia Cup 2023, but Pakistan have already submitted the tentative schedule and all India matches have been give to Lahore to avoid any security issues.