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'Trophy Is For...,' Emotional Rohit Sharma Speaks His Heart Out During WC Celebration At Wankhede

Rohit Sharma addressing the crowd at Wankhede (X)Rohit Sharma addressing the crowd at Wankhede (X)

Rohit Sharma was a picture of joy and emotion during today’s T20 World Cup victory parade. In the midst of the celebrations, Rohit stood proudly with the trophy, radiating charisma and happiness. 

As he waved to the cheering crowd, he hugged and held hands with Virat Kohli, showcasing their deep friendship and unity. The sight of the happy crowd brought tears to Rohit’s eyes, highlighting the significance of this moment for him.

For Rohit Sharma, this victory is a dream realized. After years of coming close but falling short, including a tough loss in last year's ODI World Cup final, winning the 2024 T20 World Cup has been a long-awaited achievement. 

Rohit’s leadership has brought India this prestigious trophy after a decade-long wait, and he dedicated the win to the entire nation.

"Since the time we have come to India, it has been wonderful. This trophy is for entire nation. It was a wonderful experience to meet PM Modi with the team. On behalf of team, fans, I want to thank the entire nation. This is a special team, I am so lucky to lead this team."

Rohit Sharma is also very thankful to his team for sticking together through tough times. He praised their hard work and unity, which helped them win the T20 World Cup. 

Mumbai, his home city, celebrated this win with him, sharing in the joy of the occasion. Rohit Sharma along with Virat Kohli had retired from the T20 format after winning the T20 World Cup