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'Rohit Was Crying, I Was Crying...,' Kohli Reveals Raw Emotions & Chemistry With Rohit Sharma

Virat Kohli during the T20 World Cup celebration at Wankhede [JioCinema]Virat Kohli during the T20 World Cup celebration at Wankhede [JioCinema]

Virat Kohli, following his Player of the Match performance in the final of the T20 World Cup in Barbados let his emotions flow in front of a jam-packed Wankhede crowd in his address as the team celebrated the triumph with the fans.

The iconic Wankhede Stadium witnessed a World Cup celebratory event on July 4 as the Indian team reached the stadium after a big open bus parade in Mumbai. While talking to Gaurav Kapur at the event, Virat Kohli talked about the difference in the emotions from 2011 and now.

"I was just 22-23 back then, I didn't understand why the senior players were crying, it felt like an easy job. Now I know what it feels like after taking the responsibility of the team and winning the tournament."

About breaking the internet with the iconic picture with Rohit Sharma where they were  wrapped in the tri-colour, Kohli stated that

"I don't know about breaking the internet but we have been playing together for 15 years and I have never seen Rohit so emotional on the field. I was walking up the stairs, he was crying, I was crying, and we hugged. That moment will always be special for me."

Finally touching on Jasprit Bumrah and his performances throughout the World Cup, Virat asked the crowd to applaud him while heaping praises for him.

"I need you all to applaud a guy who brought us back to the game again and again. Give a huge cheer for Jasprit Bumrah. He is once in a generation bowler, we are lucky that he plays for us," he added. 

Virat also said that he is willing to sign the petition right there when Gaurav Kapur said of writing a petition to call Bumrah a national treasure, saying that they want him to play for as long as possible.