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'Rahul Dravid-Like...': Ex-Pakistan Captain Suggests To Solve Babar Azam-Shaheen Afridi Divide

Pakistan were knocked out of T20 WC 2024 in the first round itself [AP]Pakistan were knocked out of T20 WC 2024 in the first round itself [AP]

After the debacle in the recently concluded ICC T20 World Cup 2024, where under Babar Azam's leadership Pakistan were knocked out in the first round, former national captain Rashid Latif has advised authorities to rope in someone like former India captain and coach Rahul Dravid into the setup.

Dravid, who finished his coaching career on a high, helping India win the T20 World Cup 2024, has been often credited for creating a cordial culture within the team since taking over in late 2021. 

Speaking on his own YouTube channel, the former Pakistan wicketkeeper opinionated that a fatherly figure like Dravid would bring both Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi together, and help the national side get back up into reckoning.

If Dravid wasn't there, they wouldn't have been able to win - Rashid Latif

“The fatherly figure point used by Kamran bhai. If he (Dravid) wasn't there, they (Rohit and Kohli) wouldn't have been able to win. Now, show us the last picture of Shaheen Afridi and Babar Azam. We need someone who can bring them together again."

The constant changing of captains post ICC World Cup 2023, has led to fractions within team Pakistan, where some players support Afridi, while others are backing Azam. 

This rift between the national cricketers is being termed as one of the main reasons behind former 2009 T20 World Cup winners lacklustre performance the 2024 edition.

"Everyone knows the problem. No one is talking. If these two are one, the team will stand. They were the same as before. They make one the captain. The second was upset. They made the second the captain. The third was upset. Solve this. The rest keep playing. It was the same team. The boys are the same."

The cricketer-turned-analyst further stated that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) needs an overhauling, and administrators should be based on merit, if Pakistan cricket needs to regain its former glory.