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'Playing With Emotions Of...': EX-PAK Star Accuses Shadab Khan of 'Faking Injury'

image-lo9zme94Shadab Khan went off the field after getting injured (Twitter)

During the World Cup 2023 match between Pakistan and South Africa in Chennai, Pakistan's chances of moving forward in the tournament look bleak following their fourth consecutive loss. A controversial moment during the game has become a focal point of discussion.

Umar Gul points Ffnger at Shadab's abrubt injury

All-rounder Shadab Khan temporarily left the field during a crucial juncture in the match due to a head injury sustained while attempting to intercept a ball at mid-off. He did make a brief return but was later replaced by Usama Mir as a concussion substitute.

Former Pakistani fast bowler Umar Gul expressed skepticism over the legitimacy of Shadab's injury, highlighting his appearance on camera, and cheering for his team soon after. 

Gul insinuated that Shadab might have left the field to avoid the mounting pressure rather than a genuine injury concern. He mentioned that the scans were reportedly clear, further fuelling his doubts.

"I don't think Shadab had a serious injury. When one or two wickets were left, he came out on camera to cheer and clap for the team. It just means that you are playing with the emotions of 24 crore Pakistani people. It is not funny. He went off and after a while came back. His scans were apparently also clear. I think he took a route to escape from the pressure and action on the field," said Umar.

Mir, as Khan's substitute, took two wickets but couldn't prevent a South African win by a narrow one-wicket margin, dashing Pakistan's semi-final hopes.

Backing Gul's sentiments, another former cricketer, Sohail Tanvir, also cast doubt over the severity of Shadab's injury. He referred to instances where players have persisted through severe injuries for the sake of their team.

"We don't know how serious this concussion injury was but the way Shadab first returned to the field then went back on whoever's advice. His presence in the dugout does makes one wonder if should he not have carried on playing. I know of players who have batted with broken hands and arms because it was necessary for the team," stated Tanvir.