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'Late To The Party': WC Winning Captain Excited To See Growth Of Cricket In US

IND players after warm-up game vs BAN (x.com)IND players after warm-up game vs BAN (x.com)

Eoin Morgan, the captain of the 2019 ODI World Cup-winning England team, shared his joy and enthusiasm about the development of cricket in the United States of America (USA). USA is serving as one of the hosts for the T20 World Cup 2024.

The USA first played cricket in 1844, long before the first world war, but the sport never gained popularity in the country afterwards. 

Yet, with the emergence of Major League Cricket (MLC), the ongoing T20 World Cup, and the inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, it is anticipated that the popularity of cricket will increase in the United States. The United States also intends to launch a Major League Cricket League for women.

Former English captain Eoin Morgan expressed his excitement to see this unbelievable growth of game in USA.

Morgan is amazed to see the similar excitement in USA as well.  Morgan pointed out the growth of MLC and he expects more stars to play MLC from next year.

"You get a lot of people in England saying, ‘Well, do you think it will work?’ The answer is it’s already worked. I’m sorry, we’re already late to the party," Eoin Morgan said in a podcast.

"When you have players having to choose between their home tournament and a tournament abroad, a player will always pick his home tournament if they you know if the opportunity is right. If the contract is right, there’s not one person that I’ve ever played cricket with that would turn down a big opportunity at home over something else." 

There is anticipation of significant investments in cricket leading up to the Los Angeles Olympics in the USA. Cricket is now receiving the recognition it rightly deserves thanks to the T20 format.