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[Watch] Imam Ul Haq Lashes At 'Senior' Ahmed Shehzad Over 'Bestfriend' Babar Azam's Leadership

Imam & Shehzad get into a heated fight over Babar Azam (x.com)Imam & Shehzad get into a heated fight over Babar Azam (x.com)

During a talk show featuring Pakistani cricket stars Imam ul Haq and Ahmed Shehzad, tensions flared as they engaged in a heated verbal war on the name of Babar Azam.

Shehzad pointed fingers at Pakistan's T20 captain, Babar Azam, accusing him of favouritism in team selection. In response, Imam reminded Shehzad of Pakistan's achievements, such as reaching the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2021 and the finals of the 2022 edition.

The Men in Green's recent series' against England, Ireland, and New Zealand have cast doubts on their ability to win the T20 World Cup . Despite being the runners-up in the previous edition, Pakistan's current form is not promising. 

Babar Azam took over as captain after Shaheen Afridi was relieved of the T20 skipper role following the series loss in New Zealand, the only series he captained the side. 

However, Pakistan's fortunes have not improved since then, with several selection decisions, including the inclusion of Azam Khan, facing scrutiny.

Watch: Ahmed Shehzad vs Imam Ul Haq verbal war

Shehzad accused Babar Azam of favouring big players over young talent for minor tournaments. He compared it to how Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli give opportunities to younger players by resting in smaller series.

 Shehzad also claimed that some players use PR teams to boost their image, to make them look like heroes even after huge losses.

Shehzad openly said he didn't like the way Shaheen Afridi was removed to make Babar captain again for which Imam mentioned Babar's Pakistan made it into 2021 semi final of T20 World Cup and 2022 finals. Imam believes the decision to reappoint Babar was a board decision not Babar's. 
The argument escalated as Shehzad suggested that Imam's defense was influenced by his young age and annual contractual obligations to Pakistan, unlike Shehzad, who at 34 is not bound by contract. 

However, Imam quickly countered, stating that regardless of age or retirement status, his stance would remain unchanged.