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Top 5 Captains With The Highest Win Percentage In The World Test Championship

image-lsf1khusBen Stokes is the most successful captain of the World Test Championship so far (X.com)

Test cricket is the most challenging format for both bowlers and batters and challenges the captains even more not only because of the added extra responsibility but also because of the decision-making they have to do along with the calculations throughout the course of five days. Ever since the introduction of the World Test Championship, the captains have become more keen to extract the result from every game they play.

In order to achieve the results, we have seen attacking approaches from the captains, as they want to win games and make it to the World Test Championship final. By far, Ben Stokes, the captain of England's Test team is the most successful captain, in terms of matches he has won. We at OneCricket are presenting the best Test captains of the WTC with the highest win percentages so far. 

Let's have a look at the top 5 captains with the highest win percentage in the World Test Championship.

Ben Stokes - 66%

image-lsf1les0Ben Stokes (X.com)

Ever since Joe Root stepped down from the Test captaincy of England, Ben Stokes has managed to turn the fortunes of the England team with his new vision of playing aggressive cricket, which has been working quite well for his team. Brendon McCullum, the head coach of the team has played a huge role in England's success over the last year. 

Out of 18 Test matches, Ben Stokes has managed to extract the result in 17 of them and ended up on the winning side 12 times. The Bazball approach has led the team to face defeat in five games while one of the games ended in a draw. With a winning percentage of 66%, Ben Stokes claims the top spot as the most successful captain in the WTC so far. 

Virat Kohli - 63%

image-lsf1lw9mVirat Kohli (X.com)

The man who brought the Indian team through the ranks, helping them win games in England, Australia and South Africa, Virat Kohli was the face of India's transition in Test cricket. Having stepped down from the captaincy in 2022, Virat is still among the best captains because of his remarkable contributions to Indian Test cricket. 

Out of the 22 Test matches he led the team, India ended up on the winning side 14 times and had to face unfortunate defeats on seven occasions including the World Test Championship Final 2021 against New Zealand. His record as captain speaks for himself as he gains the second spot with a win percentage of 63%. 

Pat Cummins - 58%

image-lsf1mtfoPat Cummins (X.com)

The Australian captain, Pat Cummins has turned out to be amazing for the Aussies. He went on to win the World Test Championship 2023 and also led the team to victory in the World Cup 2023. He is more of a tactical leader and analyses the opponents to come out on top of them on every occasion. 

Pat Cummins' captaincy record also includes an Ashes win, which makes him one of the most successful captains in the history of Australian cricket. Cummins has captained 26 Test matches and managed to defeat the opposition 15 times, while five matches ended in a draw, which makes him the third most successful captain with a win percentage of 58% in the World Test Championship.

Tim Paine - 57%

image-lsf1nah1Tim Paine (X.com)

The former Australian captain, Tim Paine was among the most successful captains in Test cricket after the sandpaper incident, which was the reason he became the captain. Tim's captaincy also had an unfortunate end because of the off-field texting controversy he was involved in, which forced him to step down from captaincy. 

Tim Paine led the Australian team in the 14 matches of the World Test Championship and had a taste of victory in eight of these games while two matches ended in a draw and lost the remaining four including the humiliating Gabba defeat against India. But his captaincy was quite impressive as he maintained a win percentage of 57% in the WTC, which makes him the fourth most successful captain. 

Rohit Sharma - 54%

image-lsf1nqp9Rohit Sharma (X.com)

Ever since Virat Kohli stepped down from captaincy, Rohit Sharma started leading the Indian team in all three forms of the game. He led the team in the World Test Championship 2023 Final but unfortunately lost the match. Undoubtedly, he is among the best captains in the world owing to his presence of mind and ability to read the game. 

Rohit has led the Indian team in 13 matches so far and managed to seal a win in seven of them, one of them being the historical Cape Town win, where India never won before the recent Test match. With these numbers, Rohit comes last on the list of most successful captains in the World Test Championship, with a win percentage of 54%.