Dev Tyagi ∙ May 22 2023, 3:00 PM

Is Shubman Gill of Gujarat Titans a Titan in the Works?

image-lhyw7ztvGill remained unbeaten on 104 [AP Photos]

Elegance. Class. The power of being destructive. Shubman Gill has it all. And these aren’t just fine skills; together, they form a lethal troika, the sorts you expect from only the best batters in the business. 

Having said that, is that all?

What Shubman Gill also has on top of these, it must be stated, is the glowing desire to stand out there and be counted. 

We’ve been a witness to his talent all of this year and we’ve only reached the halfway stage. 

Fantastic from Indian Cricket’s point of view. 

Yet, at the same time, it only makes sense to suggest that more carnage awaits the best of the bowlers in the world in what lies ahead. But that’s provided, Gill keeps going and bats the way he has been; as if there were no full stops at all. 

Moreover, with age and fitness on his side, Shubman Gill is actually just beginning to open up, to chart the first new chapters of his life with great alacrity and touch. 

It’s all beautiful. 

What Gill did a few hours back pretty much on his own in the IPL was carnage. It’s as if, the rest of the batters in the star studded Gujarat Titans line up didn’t matter a great deal. 

On his own, Gill was enough. 

But then, wasn’t he? 

The Prince of Indian cricket has arrived

So when the tall right hander lifted the first legal delivery of Wayne Parnell, in the twentieth over, straight over the boundary ropes, he didn’t just bring up a sensational century, which, by the way, was the second of his IPL career. 

The lanky six put a dagger straight through the heart of the Royal Challengers Bangalore and its fans; it denied a passionate team a place in the playoffs, a spot they’d so keenly desired. 

In some ways, it could be said it took one lone fighter to smash the hopes of three sensational batsmen from Bangalore; Kohli, Maxwell and Faf having been truly indispensable to Bangalore this season. 

Though, the key facet of Shubman Gill’s batting being the fact that he was able to combine flair with purpose. 

None of his shots, and he played 52 deliveries, hitting thirteen of those to the fence, were indicative of blind hitting. 

None of his strokes indicated ever that Gill, the opener, the mayhem maker and Bangalore destructor was taking irrational risks. 

Surely, it makes for a pleasing sight to see a young man hold his own ground and bat with a captivating sense of confidence. 

Which is what makes Gill tick the right boxes.  

But the unbeaten 104, which was a second hundred on the bounce for the Punjab man, was interesting also because of the fact that it produced a completely counter balancing feeling of having felt dejected for the great Kohli. 

King vs Prince


May 21’s exploits, therefore, will always be remembered for first feeling glad that king Kohli notched up a seventh career hundred in the IPL before being left distraught as he ended up on the losing side. And next, for feeling pumped about the fact that while we all share Virat’s disappointment, there was a sense of gladness that another promising cricketer was essaying his own journey in his own inimitable way. 

That’s the way Gill plays. That’s the way Gill has played pretty much for the entirety of the tournament and he isn’t done yet. 

His previous effort with the bat, which yielded a 101 against the Sunrisers was another mark of intent; what was his first IPL century cast the sunset on the hopes of the Sunrisers Hyederbad team. 

Even the great Brian Lara admired Shubman Gill’s feat. 

Collectively, from the last two games, Gill has struck 9 sixes. Perhaps that’s a sign of some caution for the Chennai SuperKings. 

Perhaps it’s an indication of another big score in the forthcoming hours. 

Though what’s most important- first and foremost- is that Shubman Gill is batting with the confidence of a man who’s eager to seize the day. 

And it just makes perfect sense that a man whose craft is in the mould of a batting Titan is presenting his best for the Gujarat Titans. 

We might actually be a witness to Gill overtaking the great Faf in terms of most runs scored thus far. 

And should that happen, what a sight would that be? Maybe, even Du Plessis would join his hands in admiration, don’t you think?