Aayush Mahajan ∙ Feb 28 2023, 5:15 PM

Euphoric Kane Williamson Speaks On New Zealand's One-Run Win Over England 

image-leoaycdyEngland won the second Test of a two-match series against New Zealand by one run (Source: Twitter/@gujarat_titans)

New Zealand cricketer Kane Williamson had high praise reserved for his team as they stunned England in a cliffhanger.

The second Test of the recently-concluded series between New Zealand and England was nothing short of a melodrama as the Wellington twister saw the hosts achieving a one-run victory.

The game continued to swing like a pendulum throughout the final day. While the Kiwis had England in the palm of their hand, bringing them to 80/5, Ben Stokes and Joe Root combined for a rearguard fightback as the Three Lions inched towards a comfortable win.

However, Neil Wagner rained on England's parade, snaring both Stokes and Root as New Zealand eventually drew the series, after winning the game by one run.

This marks just the fourth occasion on a team winning a Test after being asked to follow on. 

With New Zealand not having a brilliant run in Test cricket, Williamson highlighted the importance of getting over the finishing line.

Here's what Williamson said:

"Doesn't quite feel right to be standing here, after a game of cricket like that and the contributions we've seen from both teams throughout. A fantastic game of cricket to be a part of and, for us as a team, we've been fighting away in the Test format for a while, so it's nice to get across the line on this one.

"This England team is playing incredible cricket at the moment and we're up against it, coming into this game. So to fight away and compete and ultimately just get across the line is, is a really nice feeling."

New Zealand will be next involved in a home series of two Tests versus Sri Lanka, starting on March 9.