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IND vs NZ, 3rd ODI: Minute-to-Minute Updates, Tweets, Videos and More

image-ldacucq6Shardul completed 50 wickets in ODIs on Tuesday

It was a delight bringing the live updates of this fixture between India and New Zealand. This is Arjun Bhalla signing off on behalf of my partner in crime - Anurag Dasgupta (DG).

Shubman Gill has been named Player of the series after banging 360 runs in this bilateral series whereas Shardul Thakur has been named as Player of the match. 

Chahal takes the last man

8:57 PM: A flighted delivery outside off, Santner goes to slog it away in the leg side but he mistimes it. Mistimes it straight to Virat Kohli at deep mid wicket. A solid win for the Men in Blue by 90 runs and they have whitewashed the Blackcaps in the ODIs for the first time since 2010.

India have become the top-flighted side in ODI cricket.

Is it out? Or not out?

8:49 PM: A slider from Chahal and Duffy plays for the wrong line and the ball wears on the pad. Looks to be no bat involved, but the batter takes the review. The impact was umpire's call and the decision stays with India. Nine down for the visitors.

8:45 PM: End of Lockie Ferguson in the third and final ODI. The mystery of Kuldeep Yadav bags another wicket here in Indore. However, what a catch that was from the skipper. Ferguson tries to clip the ball and manages a leading edge. Rohit who was fielding at short mid-wicket runs back and reaches out with his right hand to take a stunning catch.

FYI: If India win this ODI, they will be the new number 1 ranked ODI team in the world.

Kuldeep is a magician!

8:40 PM: He has got the big fish! The hero of the first ODI - Michael Bracewell has to walk back. Tossed up ball, down the leg side. The batter steps down the track and can't get a bat to it. The rest was done by Ishan Kishan who takes the bails off. Game set and done?

DG, 8:25 PM: Are we going to witness yet another Bracewell-Santner partnership? This pair is the last hope for the Kiwis.

Conwayyyyy departs!

Massive wicket in the context of the game. The tides have turned and Umran Malik gets the crucial breakthrough. Bends his back and bowls quick. Conway was hurried by the ball and miscues his swat straight to mid wicket fielder. India on top now.

DG, 7:59 PM: Conway fighting a lone battle here, batting at 131 off just 92 balls. But he is running out of partners.

IYCMI: With Glenn Phillips' wicket, Shardul Thakur completed 50 ODI wickets.

Another breakthrough for Shardul

image-ldac5y2bIndian troop after Tom Latham's golden duck

Short delivery again works for Shardul Thakur, Glenn Phillips gets done for 5. Three wickets in two overs for Lord. New Zealand can lose the plot from here on, but enters Michael Bracewell at number No. 7. NZ need 186 runs but the game still hang in balance!!!

Lord has done it again!

Two in two for India and they are right back in the contest. Shardul certainly has a golden arm. Hat-trick ball incoming. Latham departs for duck. 

And Phillips does well to avoid the hat-trick. A perfect defence.

Massive moment in the match

Mitchell misses the pull and perhaps he has got a thick edge to the keeper. A well directed bumper by Shardul and India reckon Mitchell has edged it. Umpire thinks otherwise, but Rohit has gone for the review. AAAANDD YESSS, India have the breakthrough. Shardul comes and Shardul strikes. Ultra-edge shows there was a spike.

Fastest ODI hundred for New Zealand against India

57 balls - Michael Bracewell in 2023
71 balls - Devon Conway in 2023
72 balls - Jesse Ryder in 2009
73 balls - Ross Taylor in 2020
75 balls - Chris Cairns in 1999

DG, 7:31 PM: Still a long way to go though, but New Zealand have a great chance to pull off a massive win. India are certainly missing Shami and Siraj, and Conway is taking advantage of it.

Conway disdains India

Conway reaches into the 90s, no respect for Yuzi Chahal. The leggie goes for two might sixes. And he completes his HUNDREDDDDDDD!!! 100 just in 71 deliveries - 6 fours and 6 sixes.

image-ldaauxovConway completes his century in just 71 balls

50-run stand between Conway and Mitchell

A partnership of 56 runs off just 47 deliveries for Devon Conway and Daryl Mitchell. The Kiwi fightback is on at Indore. With eight wickets in hand, NZ need 226 runs in 162 balls. (Conway - 88*, Mitchell - 22)

Mitchell was almost done here

7:08 PM: Mitchell dances down the track to a leg-break from Kuldeep. The ball turns sharply into the batter and almost beats Mitchell here, but a faint of inside edge onto the pad saves Mitchell here. More Action here. Batter injured. It hits onto the throat of Devon Conway. Yuzi Chahal bowled it well outside the off-stump, the southpaw attempted a reverse sweep that he missed and it hits him on his throat.

India need wickets

Kuldeep might have broken the partnership between Conway and Nicholls a couple of overs before, but you need to keep breaking partnership continuously on the pitch. Anyone can take the game away from India from here as the flat conditions aren't helping the bowlers here. 

Drinks break!

After a healthy partnership between Conway and Nicholls, India have managed to pull one back, courtesy Kuldeep Yadav. Required rate is 8.09, so New Zealand have no option but to attack the Indian bowlers.

Stumping chance missed!

How costly will that be? Lovely ball from Chahal. Conway was beaten in flight. He misses the heave after stepping down the wicket and Kishan fails to gather the ball.

Is it a wicket? Or has Nicholls survived?

Nicholls misses the flick as the ball wears on the pad. The impact seems fine, but Nicholls goes for the review. He was deep inside the crease. There is no bat involved, clearly seen in the ultra-edge. Impact was in line and it was hitting the stumps. Review wasted and Nicholls has to walk back.

Fifty for Conway!

image-lda9uwm3Devon Conway at his act

This has been a class innings under pressure. NZ are chasing a big total and they need their talisman to perform. Still a long way to go, but if Conway stays till the end, anything is possible.

Time for Kuldeep Yadav. India need a wicket and Kuldeep could be the game changer for his side.

DG, 6:36 PM: Big test for someone like Umran. This is not the ground for him to play. Nicholls and Conway are loving his pace at the moment.

DG, 6:29 PM: Maybe it's time to introduce some spin? Would love to see Kul-Cha bowl in tandem.

DG, 6:20 PM: The wicket is flat and India need more wickets. Suddenly the flurry of runs has started and Nicholls, Conway looking good. Btw, Umran Malik comes into the attack.

Kiwis won't bow

Despite losing Allen early in the innings, the fightback from the Blackcaps has been on. Both Conway and Nicholls are using the flat conditions at Indore to their advantage. They are not letting any loose delivery go. NZ - 20/1 (4.0 overs) Conway - 11, Nicholls - 8

image-lda7zc1fHardik broke the first New Zealand wicket

Arjun, 5:54 PM: Spin from the other end. Washi Sundar to bowl the second over. But tbh, India doesn't have luxury in that department in this game. Neither Shardul nor Umran can be looked out at as a new-ball bowler.

5:47 PM: Early breakthrough for the Men in Blue! Hardik Pandya scalps the first man here. Finn Allen has to depart. Allen will end the series without any major contribution. The batter chops the cherry onto his woods. NZ - 0/1 (0.2 overs)

Devon Conway and Finn Allen to open for the Blackcaps. Hardik Pandya will start the proceedings for India. 

5:42 PM: We are back for the second innings of the third and final between India and New Zealand. The Kiwis will have to chase down 386 runs in their alloted 50 overs. Would that happen, I guess no. But anything can happen in ODI cricket.

OneCricket's Live with Vimal Kumar

5:07 PM: Wicket on the last ball and India end their innings on 385/8 runs, courtesy of two enthralling centuries from Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill and finishing touches from Hardik Pandya. The Men in Blue were looking to post a mammoth total over 425 runs, but the Kiwis have used the old ball mesmerisingly. 


India lost no wickets in first 26 overs and 9 wickets fell in the next 24 overs.

DG, 5:05 PM: I wanted to see Chahal and Kuldeep bat together :(

Century for Jacob Duffy, third in the day. (10-0-100-3)

Fifty No. 9 for Hardik Pandya

A 36-ball fifty from Hardik Pandya has powered India to 375 with 10 balls to go. 6, 2, 4... and GONE - Pandya is dismissed for 54 by Jacob Duffy. In comes Umran Malik...

50 partnership up between Lord and Hardik!

India needed this badly. Hardik and Lord Shardul playing a blinder here and have added 50 runs together. But ohh wait, maybe I have just jinxed it. Shardul Thakur has to go back to the pavilion. He tries to be cheeky and miscues the attempted ramp as the keeper takes an easy catch. But he has done his work...

17 off the last over

Hardik and Thakur took a special liking towards Duffy, smoking him for two fours and a six. We witnessed a special Hardik Pandya shot - a tennis ball swat over long off.

The same old Indian tale

We have seen it like a zillion times. The middle-order batters have failed to match the tempo that the top-order had given. This has been the same old problem with India in ODI cricket, as they have tumbled in the latter overs. 425-450 were on the cards here in Indore... 

DG, 4:39 PM: Hahaha, Arjun, you're on point with that tweet. It's as if Gill and Rohit were batting on a different surface altogether.

Another one bites the dust

What a remarkable comeback from the Kiwi bowlers. They were down and out for the majority of the innings, and came back roaring in the last 10 overs. Washi Sundar has to walk back. Tries to attack the length ball and skies it up towards the man at backward point.

Cricketing updates: Ruturaj Gaikwad has been sent to NCA, and has been diagnosed with strain 1 wrist injury.

DG, 4:26 PM: 9 overs left in the innings, wickets tumbling regularly. Onus on Hardik to steer India to a strong position. We saw what happened when India scored 349 in the first ODI. It was almost chased by the Kiwis. So the home team should target a bigger total here. Last 45 balls - 43 runs, 3 wickets.

Sad phase of play of India

It all started with the wicket of Ishan Kishan, who went back after a silly mixup. Kohli then middled it to mid-off, before SKY chipped a shot straight to long-on. Three HUGE wickets in just 25 runs. New Zealand are making a solid statement after Rohit-Shubman assault!!

Surya sent packing!

Wickets tumbling now for India. Surya had a great chance to cement a spot in the middle-order, but he has thrown it away. Last 5 wicket falling for just 81 runs. Now even 400 looks far away from here.

Arjun, 4:16 PM: He's a Xerox copy of Rohit Sharma. Same elegance, same style. Ahh, SKY is gone.

DG: Smoothman Gill. Sunny G at his best. But yes, he plays so smoothly. So an appropriate name for the opener.

Arjun: Do you know, DG. Sunny sir has given Shubman Gill a new nickname. 

4:05 PM: Ohh, no!!! Kohli is gone. Yes, that happened. A serious stroke from the middle of the blade, but the man at mid-off times his jump to perfection and swallows that catch!! Big blow for India, Kohli is gone for 36 off 27. In walks Hardik Pandya. India - 284-4 (36.2 overs)

4:04 PM: Mr. 360 has started rolling. First MAXIMUM for Surya. Slog sweeps Bracewell into the second tier.


Oh my lord, miscommunication and Ishan departs!

Just when things were going fine for India, a brain fade moment has costed yet another wicket. Ishan taps the length ball on the off side and ran for a single, but realised there was no run there. Kohli also ran and was almost half-way down the crease. Kishan also turns back, and drags his bat in, but after Kohli reaches the crease. A bit of chit-chat between the two batters and Kishan walks back.

Drinks break!

Both Kohli and Kishan have started to find some rhythm. But NZ have pulled things back marginally. Still 16 overs left, so expect the carnage to continue.

Arjun, 3:47 PM: Ishan has finally connected one. Here comes his first maximum in Indore. He is trying to match Kohli stroke to stroke, but he thus far has struggled with timing. 

DG, 3:43 PM: Two quick wickets have slowed down the Indian ship. New Zealand looking to tighten the screws.

Pure bliss that!

3:37 PM: Not looking to curse here, but Kohli is looking at his astonishing best. Two boundaries in a row - one pull through mid wicket and one punch past mid-on. Just Virat Kohli-Esque from the modern-day giant!!

3:29 PM: Annddddd, he's gone!!! Gill's done. Tickner takes his wicket with a short and wide delivery, Gill top edges to point. Shubman walks back to the pavillion, but a fine, fine extravaganza that was. Shubman Gill - 112 (78) [4s-13 6s-5]. He was 1 run shy of breaking Babar Azam's record of most runs in a three-match ODI series. 

Most runs in a three-match ODI series

360 Babar Azam vs WI 2016
360 Shubman Gill vs NZ 2023
349 Imrul Kayes vs Zim 2018
342 Quinton de Kock vs Ind 2013
330 Martin Guptill vs Eng 2013

image-lda2mazwShubman Gill during his assault

Most hundreds in ODI history

Sachin - 49 (452 innings)
Kohli - 46 (261 innings)
Rohit - 30* (234 innings)
Ponting - 30 (365 innings

Rohit departs!

An 85-ball 101, and Rohit walks back to the pavilion. He was looking for the big shot, but misses it completely and it castles his timber. His dismissal has brought in Virat Kohli at the crease.

Gill joins the party!

And now Gill reaches the three-figure mark! His fourth ODI century and he keeps on piling runs for fun.

Rohit notches up his hundred!

Finally, he brings up his 30th ODI century. An innings of high class from the Indian skipper.

OOUUUCCHH, Rohit was struck on his right thumb! He 

Debashish: Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill have set the record for the highest opening stand for India in an ODI against New Zealand. They surpassed the 201*-run tally of Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir to achieve the milestone. 

200 comes for India!!! Both the batters are inches away from their century!!

Now Gill joins the nervous 90s

Race to the three-figure mark has started. Who will get to that mark first? Gill or Rohit? Pressure on the bowler.

Rohit into his 90s

Just 9 runs away from a scintillating hundred. Indore has witnessed something special today, and there's more to come.

End of 20 overs

India at 165 and all the wickets intact. As Harsha Bhogle stated, this is such a cruel pitch for the bowlers. Nothing in the surface for the bowlers to exploit and the batters are using it to their advantage.

Nice thought that!

This is such a cruel ground for the bowlers, says Harsha Bhogle.

ODI runs at home for Indian batters

Sachin Tendulkar: 6976 runs in 160 innings
Virat Kohli: 5322 runs in 103 innings
MS Dhoni: 4351 runs in 113 innings
Rohit Sharma: 4000* runs in 76 innings
Yuvraj Singh: 3415 runs in 101 innings

2:46 PM: Captain Rohit is just 23 runs away from scoring a special, special ton. It will be his first ODI century after 3 years. His last ODI century on 19th Jan, 2020 vs Australia!


Time for a breather! Drinks break

146/0 at the end of 15 over mark. Rohit and Gill have made full use of the conditions. NZ have their chins down and need wickets ASAP to get back in the contest. Hundred loading for both the openers.

DG, 2:38 PM: So when Babar scores truckloads of runs on flat tracks, he's been called a stat-padder. Geez, this track has nothing for the bowlers. Kudos to Gill and Rohit for the way they have batted, but this is a batting paradise, a proper road.

Arjun, 2:37 PM: Gill and those inside-out shots - This is gonna be a love-tale for the coming generation. India are already 144-0 after 16.2 overs.


DG, 2:30 PM: No respite for the Kiwis despite change in bowling. Daryl Mitchell hammered for three fours in his first over. Margin of error is so minimum when Rohit is batting.

Fifty for Rohit!

Terrific hitting from the Indian skipper. 49th ODI half-century and back-to-back for the skip. He has looked in good touch throughout the series and will be looking to break the century drought.

DG, 2:24 PM: I am sure he'll break all records this year. Plenty of ODI matches lined up. Gill is a special player.

Arjun, 2:22 PM: We are just 24 days into this year and Shubman Gill has already scored 500+ runs in ODI. What a special talent he is!!

Fifty in 33 deliveries, this has to be Gill's fastest ODI fifty. His sixth 50 in the 50-over format.

2:17 PM: Spin has been introduced. Mitch Santner has come in. How will he do against these Indian openers, who are going berserk in Indore.

Stat Attack, 2:14 PM: Shubman Gill now becomes the highest run-getter for India in a three-match ODI series. He thus far has scored 289 runs. The highest runs scored a batter in a three-match ODI series is by Babar Azam (360).

Carnage from Indian openers

82 runs in the first 10 overs. India going at 8.2 runs per over. The boundary floodgates have opened and New Zealand can't keep a check on it. Gill-Rohit duo doing it again.

22 off the last over from Ferguson. Carnage from Gill.

DG, 2:00 PM: 400 on the cards? This is a mother of all flat wickets. 200 for gill, please.

1:55 PM: Blair Tickner comes into the attack, and he has been welcomed with two boundaries in the first over.


The wait is over. Players have made their way out. Jacob Duffy gets the new ball in hand. Let the battle begin...

DG, 1:25 PM:  We are just 5 minutes away from the start. Flat track, good Indian batting. So expect the home team to score in excess of 350 once again.

The last time Kuldeep and Chahal played together in an ODI game was way back in 2021. This was a long time coming, but good to see the spin duty.

DG, 1:11 PM: For those who don't know, Jacob Duffy is a new ball bowler and has played two ODIs for the Kiwis. He plays for Otago in the domestic circuit.

DG, 1:06 PM: Surprising decision to leave out both Siraj and Shami. Was expecting only one of them to be rested. But, Umran Malik and Yuzi Chahal get another opportunity.

Toss Update: New Zealand have won the toss and have elected to bowl first. One change for New Zealand - Jacob Duffy comes in for Henry Shipley. Surprisingly, two changes for India - Siraj, Shami out, Umran Malik and Yuzi Chahal come into the side.

Pitch Report: There is an even covering of grass and the ball will come onto the bat nicely, says Danny Morrison. The ball will skid on and the bowlers will have a tough day, says Ajit Agarkar. Pitch looks firm for batting and will get better as the game progresses.

Breaking: ICC have announced the ODI Team of the Year 2022. Two Indians have made the cut. Shreyas Iyer and Mohammed Siraj have found a place in the team. A massive achievement for both the players.

ICYMI: Sarfaraz Khan's interview with OneCricket

Probable XI

 IND: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ishan Kishan (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Umran Malik, Mohammad Shami

NZ: Finn Allen, Devon Conway, Henry Nicholls, Daryl Mitchell, Tom Latham (c & wk), Glenn Phillips, Michael Bracewell, Mitchell Santner, Henry Shipley/Doug Bracewell, Lockie Ferguson, Ish Sodhi.

Clear skies are expected today. It has been five years since the Holkar Stadium hosted a 50-over match. Expect run-feast from both the teams. Should be a great contest.

Team News/Changes

IND: India have already sealed the series, and might tinker with their playing XI for the dead rubber. Still no update, but the team management might give a rest to Virat Kohli. Another player, who has been outstanding in the last one year.

NZ: If Ish Sodhi is fit and raring to go, he should replace Blair Tickner in the side. Moreover, with Henry Shipley underperforming, we might see Doug Bracewell in the playing XI.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the third and the final ODI between India and New Zealand from Indore. A dead rubber, but a lot at stake for both the sides. If India win this game, they'll go on top of the ICC Rankings. If New Zealand win, they'll displace England at the top of the rankings, and will save their blushes here.

This is Anurag Dasgupta, and I'll be joined by Arjun Bhalla, Anurag Singh and many more. So gear up everyone, we are in for a fascinating ride.