Saurabh Saket ∙ Jan 19 2023, 1:00 PM

English fans in uproar as Sussex announce the signing of Steve Smith

image-ld32eghlSussex took to their twitter handle to announce the signing of Steve Smith (Source: Associated Press)

Sussex have perhaps made one of the best signing before the start of the County Championship Division Two as the club announced the signing of Australian star Steve Smith for three games of the tournament.

Smith will be a part of the team where he will pair with the likes of Tom Haines and Cheteshwar Pujara before joining the Australian national side for the Ashes in June. While the club and the player are delighted with the new partnership it seems like not everyone is impressed with the new signing.

English fans around the country including the division itself have voiced their disappointment with the signing deeming the move as utterly selfish and traitorous. Multiple fans took to twitter under Sussex's post slamming the side for the new signing.

This is the common reaction that has been floating across the micro blogging website, as the fans have been vastly critical of the move. Only time will tell if the decision benefits Steve Smith and Australia in true sense during the Ashes.

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