Arnav Chopra ∙ Nov 11 2022, 3:35 AM

Michael Vaughan calls India 'Massive Unachievers' after another World Cup exit

image-laby1thwIndian Cricket Team (Source: AP Newsroom)

After another semi-final World Cup exit , this time by a huge margin, former English skipper Michael Vaughan tears into India. Calling the Indian side 'massive unachievers', Vaughan was critical of India's procedure of playing cricket for some years despite a proper league in place.

Also, he was unhappy with India's approach of not going after the bowlers in powerplay. He further debated that why do they give the opposition the first five overs.

"I am just staggered by how they play T20 cricket for the talent they have. They have the players, but just do not have the right process in place.

"They have to go for it. Why do they give the opposition bowlers the first five overs to bed in?

The 48-year-old was clearly disappointed with India's performance and mentioned that the kind of side they have, they should be winning more matches.

"For all the advantages India have, they must win more ... They massively underachieve for their skill levels,

"I said in these pages that India at the top of their order still play a bit of an old-fashioned game and even their former coach Ravi Shastri talked of the need for them to change."

India's next assignment will be against New Zealand beginning from 18th November.

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