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'There's nothing wrong in it' - Sunil Gavaskar opines on the fake fielding saga

image-la9cnh98Sunil Gavaskar [Source: Twitter]

Days after Bangladesh keeper-batter Nurul Hasan accused India great Virat Kohli of fake fielding, Bangladesh Cricket Board vowed to catch the attention of the concerned forum regarding the matter. With several cricket pundits sharing their opinions on the incident, the controversial episode has emerged as a hot topic for many in the cricket fraternity. 

Legendary former India opener Sunil Gavaskar has penned his thoughts on fake fielding in a column for Sportstar. Gavaskar, the first cricketer to enter the 10000-run club in Tests, reverberated that cricket, being a game of deception, should have the scope for the fielders to play tricks, like it has for the batters and bowlers. 

Here's what Gavaskar wrote

"The other contentious one is that of fake fielding. If cricket is a game of deception where the bowlers are trying to get the batsmen out with deception and batsmen too are trying to outsmart the bowlers by taking different guards and moving from side to side to deceive the bowler into bowling where they can hit him, then what’s wrong with a fielder faking he has got the ball in his hands when he actually doesn’t have it. This should be considered as part of the deception that the game has."

After the game concluded, Bangladesh cricketers indirectly blamed poor umpiring for their defeat, as the on-field umpires failed to spot it during the match. Had it been spotted, Bangladesh would've been rewarded five penalty runs and ended up winning the match. 

Nevertheless, as it stands, India will take on England in the second semifinal in Adelaide on Thursday. 

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