Gargi Raut ∙ Nov 9 2022, 9:33 AM

Michael Slater convicted again, labelled 'domestic abuser'

image-la9eyxsxMichael Slater [Source: Twitter]

Former Australian cricketer has once again landed himself in trouble, after assaulting and intimidating a woman for a long while the former cricketer has now been labelled as a 'domestic abuser'. 

He was charged of intimidation, stalking, assaulting and harassing a woman. He also breached a restraining order. Slater had tried to contact the victim with over a 100 messages, emails and calls inspite of being warned by the court to lose contact with the victim.

The former cricketer was granted bail on medical grounds, considering his bipolar disorder. He was also cleared of domestic violence charges that were pressed against him in the past on the same grounds. But the Magistrate on case stated that repeated offences cannot be excused or go unpunished. 

Magistrate's statement on the offence

"What that (non-conviction) does not do is reflect the gravity of domestic violence matters, there is an overarching public interest and that includes the value of upholding the apprehended violence order itself."

"What (these) submissions have overlooked is reflection on the offending against both women. It (the behaviour) has been controlling in nature including accusations of infidelity, looking at their phones, managing their friends and threatening self harm".

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