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T20 World Cup 2022: Know the grounds of the tournament

image-l988mc34The iconic MCG is ready to host India vs Pakistan on 23rd October, 2022 (Source: Twitter)

The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 is set to begin tomorrow, the 16th of October, 2022. The tournament will witness the qualifiers from 16-21st October, while the Super 12 stage will start on the 22nd of October. 

The tournament will be taking place at seven different venues across Australia. In this article, let us take an analytical dive and try to find out what we can expect during the tournament. 

Simonds Stadium, Geelong

The Simonds Stadium at Geelong will be the venue for six qualifier matches. Only one T20I match has been played on this ground before. Though the sample size is very small, let us still try to find out what could be expected at the venue. 

Score batting first: 173 Score batting second: 176 

Pacers' Record

Overs: 33 Runs: 279 Wickets: 16 Economy Rate: 8.45 Runs Per Wkt: 17.43 Balls Per Wkt: 12.37

Spinners' Record

Overs: 7 Runs: 63 Wickets: 2 Economy Rate: 9.00 Runs Per Wkt: 31.5 Balls Per Wkt: 21


So, from the one match that has taken place at the venue, we can expect that it will be a decent wicket to bat on. The pacers might be seen dominating the matches more than the spinners.

Bellerive Oval, Hobart

The Bellerive Oval will host 9 World Cup matches during the tournament. The ground has been host to 3 matches previously. 

Avg Score batting first: 175 Avg Score batting second: 160 

Pacers' Record

Overs: 83.3 Runs: 753 Wickets: 30 Economy Rate: 9.01 Runs Per Wkt: 25.10 Balls Per Wkt: 16.7

Spinners' Record

Overs: 35 Runs: 284 Wickets: 12 Economy Rate: 8.00 Runs Per Wkt: 23.66 Balls Per Wkt: 17.5


We can expect that the teams will look to bat first, winning the toss. Spinners might be more effective at Bellerive Oval than the pacers. 

Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

image-l989pskySydney Cricket Ground (Source: Twitter)

The SCG will be a host to seven matches this World Cup, including the 1st Semi Final. 11 T20I matches have already taken place at this ground. We will look at how the wicket at the venue has behaved in the last three years.

Avg Score batting first: 164 Avg Score batting second: 156

Pacers' Record

Overs: 99.4 Runs: 841 Wickets: 29 Economy Rate: 8.43 Runs Per Wkt: 29.00 Balls Per Wkt: 20.6

Spinners' Record

Overs: 59.0 Runs: 482 Wickets: 20 Economy Rate: 8.16 Runs Per Wkt: 24.10 Balls Per Wkt: 17.7


We can expect a sporty wicket at the SCG during the World Cup. The spinners will be having a good time on this wicket.

Perth Stadium, Perth

Perth will see 5 of the World Cup matches being held there. Till now, 2 T20I matches have been held at the venue. 

Avg Score batting first: 157 Avg Score batting second: 155

Pacers' Record

Overs: 60.5 Runs: 495 Wickets: 20 Economy Rate: 8.13 Runs Per Wkt: 24.75 Balls Per Wkt: 18.2

Spinners' Record

Overs: 11 Runs: 120 Wickets: 2 Economy Rate: 10.90 Runs Per Wkt: 60 Balls Per Wkt: 33


We can expect a batting-friendly wicket at the venue. However, the teams might prefer to go with more of a pace-heavy attack on this wicket, as the bowlers of the particular trade have done better here. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

MCG will host seven World Cup matches, including the tournament's prestigious final. Therefore, we will look at the records at the venue in the last three years.

Avg Score batting first: 142 Avg Score batting second: 140

Pacers' Record

Overs: 44 Runs: 352 Wickets: 14 Economy Rate: 8.00 Runs Per Wkt: 25.14 Balls Per Wkt: 18.8

Spinners' Record

Overs: 34 Runs: 232 Wickets: 5 Economy Rate: 6.82 Runs Per Wkt: 40.8 Balls Per Wkt: 46.40


As per records in the last two years, the pitch might be a sporting one throughout the game. Spinner might be economical, but for picking up, wickets pacers seem to be the better option at MCG. 

The Gabba, Brisbane

image-l989yx8jThe Gabba (Source: Twitter)

Gabba will be a host to 4 World Cup matches. As per what to expect from the pitch, we will look at the 6 T20Is played here until now. 

Avg Score batting first: 160 Avg Score batting second: 139

Pacers' Record

Overs: 166.2 Runs: 1388 Wickets: 50 Economy Rate: 8.34 Runs Per Wkt: 27.76 Balls Per Wkt: 19.9

Spinners' Record

Overs: 53 Runs: 427 Wickets: 13 Economy Rate: 8.05 Runs Per Wkt: 32.84 Balls Per Wkt: 24.4


The bouncy Gabba wicket might be better to bat first. It will be suitable for spinners who can extract the extra bounce from the pitch. 

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

Adelaide Oval will host six matches in the World Cup, with the 2nd Semi Final of the tournament being played here. The ground has witnessed 5 T20Is so far. 

Avg Score batting first: 175 Avg Score batting second: 132

Pacers' Record

Overs: 134.3 Runs: 1120 Wickets: 38 Economy Rate: 8.32 Runs Per Wkt: 29.47 Balls Per Wkt: 21.2

Spinners' Record

Overs: 62 Runs: 462 Wickets: 20 Economy Rate: 7.45 Runs Per Wkt: 23.10 Balls Per Wkt: 18.60


As the record suggests, a definite bat-first track assists the spinners more than the faster bowlers.

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