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[Watch] Shan Masood Given Not Out Despite Falling Short Of The Crease In T20 Blast

Shan Masood in action [X]Shan Masood in action [X]

Lancashire were denied Shan Masood’s wicket despite him being run-out in a rather comic way during the T20 Blast match against Yorkshire on June 21.

The incident took place in the 15th over of the first innings of the match between Yorkshire and Lancashire at Headingley, Leeds. 

Facing the first ball of Jack Blatherwick’s second over, Shan Masood mistakenly stepped onto the stumps while attempting a scoop shot. The ball was deemed a no-ball by the umpire as the bowler had overstepped. 

Masood thought he was out, which is why he wasn’t interested in taking the run, while Joe Root reached the other end safely. The bowler then dislodged the bails at the other end. Masood was walking back but suddenly stopped, had a word with the umpire, and continued to bat.

Why was Masood not given out despite being short of the crease? 

According to rule 31.7 of the laws of cricket, “An umpire shall intervene if satisfied that a batter, not having been given out, has left the wicket under a misapprehension of being out. The umpire intervening shall call and signal Dead ball to prevent any further action by the fielding side and shall recall the batter.”

This means a batter may be recalled at any time up to the instant when the ball comes into play for the next delivery, unless it is the final wicket of the innings, in which case it should be up to the instant when the umpires leave the field.

Masood, who made a half-century, got out in the very next over. Eventually, Yorkshire won the game, with Masood bagging the Player of the Match award.