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[Watch] Joshua Da Silva Talks About His Mother Heartwarming Meeting With Virat Kohli At Port of Spain

image-lke69od4Joshua Da Silva' mother Caroline with Virat Kohli [Twitter]

Virat Kohli graced spectators at the Queen’s Park Oval with a scintillating century in the ongoing second Test against West Indies. Apparently, he had something much more special in store for one of his admirers, none other than the mother of West Indies’ wicketkeeper Joshua Da Silva.

After Day 2 of the Test match, the Indian batsman met Caroline Da Silva upon exiting the team bus. The two shared a hug, and the latter even expressed her love and admiration for the batting legend.

Interestingly, Joshua Da Silva had already claimed that his mother would be attending the stadium just to witness Kohli’s batting. The wicketkeeper was overheard on the stump mic, as he revealed the same to the batting veteran at the crease.

Joshua Da Silva recalls wholesome moment

Joshua Da Silva recently revealed how big of a fan his mother is of former Indian captain Virat Kohli. In a video shared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the West Indies stumper said that he found it funny that his mother would be attending the match to watch Kohli over her own son.

Da Silva added that he went and knocked on Kohli’s window after his mother spotted him in the bus. 

“My mom told me a few days before the Test match that she's coming to see Virat Kohli and not me. It's kinda funny, I thought I had to tell him. It just so happened that he was in the bus and my mum was like 'ohh look its Virat'. So I went and knocked on the window and he came out and met my mum. He made her day, made her year probably," the Windies keeper said.

Apparently, Caroline Da Silva met Virat Kohli on a special occasion, as the match marked the cricketer’s 500th international outing for India.

The right-handed batter punched out his 29th Test century, and propelled his side to 438 in their first innings.