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[Watch] Harsh Dubey Shines With A Stunning Fifer In Ranji Trophy Final Vs Mumbai

Harsh Dubey celebrating a wicket in Ranji final versus Mumbai (X.com)Harsh Dubey celebrating a wicket in Ranji final versus Mumbai (X.com)

India's rich tradition of grooming spin talents is once again evident in this year's Ranji final, where a rising star has emerged. Harsh Dubey, representing Vidarbha, made a significant impact by claiming five wickets during Mumbai's second innings, hinting at a promising future in cricket.

In the final, Dubey made his mark by dismissing Mumbai captain Ajinkya Rahane in both innings. 

However, it was his performance in the second innings that truly stood out, as he claimed crucial wickets of Rahane, Musheer Khan, and Shardul Thakur among his five victims. 

This display of skill and composure under pressure highlights Dubey's potential as a rising star in Indian cricket.

As the Ranji Trophy final between Mumbai and Vidarbha unfolds, Mumbai maintains a dominant position heading into the fourth day. On the contrary, Vidarbha faces a daunting task, needing 528 runs to win with all their wickets intact.

Mumbai's stronghold on the game is largely due to stellar batting performances from Musheer Khan, Ajinkya Rahane, Shreyas Iyer, and a valuable contribution from Shams Mulani. Their combined efforts have placed Mumbai in a commanding position, posing a formidable challenge for Vidarbha.

Despite the uphill battle for Vidarbha, Harsh Dubey's standout performance in the second innings has captured attention. With a total of eight wickets in the Ranji final, Dubey's exceptional bowling skills underscore his talent and potential in the sport.

Who is Harsh Dubey?

Harsh Surendra Dubey, hailing from Pune, is a 21-year-old left-handed slow orthodox bowler known for his batting capabilities. Representing Vidarbha in first-class cricket, Dubey made his debut in December 2022 against Jammu and Kashmir in the prestigious Ranji Trophy. 

With 28 wickets in 8 first-class games under his belt, Dubey's recent five-wicket haul in the Ranji final stands out as a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. 

This notable achievement, attained on the grand stage of the Ranji Trophy final, is particularly commendable for a young talent like Dubey. Importantly, it marks his first career fifer in first-class cricket, underscoring the importance of this accomplishment.