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[Watch] Babar Azam Gets 'Brutally Booed' By Pakistani Fans After Casual Dismissal

Babar Azam departs after scoring 33 runs [AP]Babar Azam departs after scoring 33 runs [AP]

In a crucial match of the T20 World Cup 2024 against Canada, Babar Azam displayed his determination to lead Pakistan to victory. However, his departure after scoring valuable runs dealt a blow to Pakistan's chances at the Nassau County Stadium on June 11.

Facing a target of 107 set by Canada, Pakistan lost Saim Ayub early to Dillon Heyliger's bowling. Soon after, the Canadian bowler struck again, claiming the pivotal wicket of Babar Azam, Pakistan's captain.

Azam's dismissal, caught by Shreyas Movva off Heyliger's delivery, halted Pakistan's momentum. Heyliger's delivery found the edge of Azam's bat as he attempted a late shot, resulting in a low catch for the keeper.

Watch - Babar Azam departs

With Babar Azam departing after contributing 33 runs off 33 balls to Pakistan's chase, the team faced an uphill battle to reach the target. Heyliger's crucial breakthrough shifted the momentum of the match, leaving Pakistan in a precarious position.

Despite Azam's efforts, he faced criticism from some Pakistani fans for his recent form.  At the time of writing, Pakistan need 3 runs off 16 balls, with Usman Khan and Mohammad Rizwan at the crease.