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106-7 20.0

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Pakistan won by 7 wickets

T20 World Cup 2024, PAK Vs CAN Highlights: Pakistan Keep Super 8 Hopes Alive With A Clinical Win Over Canada

Pakistan registered a seven-wicket win vs CAN ( registered a seven-wicket win vs CAN (

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23:33 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN: Goodnight 🌙

So, that brings us to the end of our Live Blog for this 22nd match of T20 World Cup 2024! Pakistan are well and truly alive in the tournament, and they showed good character today. We will be back tomorrow for the blockbuster contest between USA and India and till then, this is Aashay Chopade, signing off on behalf of our dedicated OneCricket family. Cheers!

23:30 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN: Player Of The Match!

Mohammad Amir vs Canada (AP Photos)Mohammad Amir vs Canada (AP Photos)

Mohammad Amir is the Player Of The Match for his two-wicket haul!

23:19 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN: Match Summary!

A much-needed win for Pakistan! They are off the mark in this tournament and would now be hoping that India beat USA by a huge margin tomorrow. Talking about this match, Pakistan bowlers did decently to restrict Canada to 106 with Amir and Haris Rauf picking two wickets apiece. Aaron Johnson fought it out with his fifty and Pakistan needed to bat well in the second half.

They started slowly with Saim Ayub losing his wicket in the Powerplay, but Babar Azam and Rizwan paced their innings nicely, and took Pakistan to safer shores. The Pakistan captain departed on 33, but Rizwan continued and scored an unbeaten 52 to take Pakistan over the line.

23:17 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Pakistan Win By 7 Wickets!

So, Usman Khan tucks it to the deep square leg region and takes Pakistan over the line. Pakistan register their first win of T20 World Cup 2024 and have kept their hopes alive.

23:13 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Fakhar Zaman Fails To Finish Off In Style!

Just 3 needed to win, and Fakhar Zaman tried to finish the game with a big shot. However, all he could manage is a big top edge and Canada get another wicket.

23:11 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Fifty For Mohammad Rizwan! 

Pakistan needed Rizwan to score runs and bat deep and he has done exactly that today. This would give him a lot of confidence after two back-to-back failures and he would be now itching to finish it off in style.

23:04 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Some Problem With Sightscreen For Rizwan!

Rizwan is known for his time-consuming antics whenever he comes out to bat and this time he has some problem with sightscreen. One of the security personnel is standing infront of sightscreen and it is finally sorted now.

22:59 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Babar Azam Departs; Is There A Twist In The Tale?

Babar Azam falls on run-a-ball 33! Dilon Heyliger gets his second wicket and Canada needed this badly. Pakistan just need 24 though, and surely Pakistan cannot lose this one from here. 

22:56 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: This Is What Pakistan Needed To Get Over USA On NRR!

22:48 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Pakistan In Control, Need To Think Of NRR Now!

Pakistan not only have to win these two matches, but also need to get their net run-rate over USA. So, with things looking in control in this game and with 9 wickets in hand, they need to try to finish this off as quickly as possible.

22:44 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: The Undying Spirit Of Pakistan Fans!

22:37 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: 48 Needed Off 60 Balls!

Pakistan are looking in control now! They just need to bat sensibly from hereon. They have nine wickets in hand, and if they don't panic like they did against India, they should get their first win of the tournament.

22:33 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Babar Azam With The 1st Six For Pakistan!

Babar Azam dances down the track and takes Pakistan over 50 with a magnificent six. Junaid Siddiqui, the leggie tossed it up and Babar Azam hammers him down the ground to bring a loud cheer at Nassau.

22:29 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: INDO-PAK Unity In Canada Game!

22:25 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Rizwan With Special Milestone!!!

22:23 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Pakistan Need To Get A Move On!!

22:17 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: First Boundary Off The Bat For Pakistan! 

Short delivery and Rizwan finally gets one away! First boundary off the bat coming on the 32nd ball of the innings. Nicely pulled away from Pakistan wicketkeeper batter and he would be hoping to notch up few more boundaries quickly now.

22:12 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Saim Ayub Is On His Way!

So, young Saim Ayub finally perishes in a bid to force the issue. Dilon Heyliger strikes in his second ball. A length delivery, outside off and Ayub went for a wild slog across the line. He only manages to get an inside edge and the keeper takes an easy catch.

22:06 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Not Even A Single Boundary Off The Bat So Far!

Pakistan batters are finding it hard to get going. This is good stuff from Canada. There have been some good shots in the gap, but the boundaries have not come, and if Canada manage to get some quick wickets here, pressure will be immense on 'Men in Green.'

22:00 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Can Saim Ayub Take Off?

Pakistan need to win in this game, and if possible, win it well. So, it is important that they score quickly and Saim Ayub is the man who can do that. He has played some good shots so far, but the slow outfield has not helped his cause, and it is important that he doesn't get frustrated here.

21:56 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: The Hunger!

21:53 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Great Start for Canada!

Kaleem Sana did a fantastic job in the first over, keeping the Pakistan openers in check. Pakistan managed to score just 8 runs.

21:47 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Babar Azam Demoted!

Time to chase! Mohammad Rizwan and Saim Ayub are opening for Pakistan, while Kaleem Sana kicks things off with the new ball for Canada.

21:41 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Mid-Innings Summary!

Pakistan need 107 to keep their Super 8 hopes alive and would be slightly disappointed with their bowling effort. They got seven wickets, but there were plenty of loose balls in between too, and Aaron Johnson made sure that he punishes most of them. He scored 52 and that has meant that Pakistan would have to work hard in the second half.

On the bowling front, Amir and Haris Rauf got two wickets apiece, while Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah picked one wicket each. It is all about keeping their cool in the second half and bat sensibly, and also with Saim Ayub at the top of the order, they would be hoping for some fireworks from the southpaw. Interesting chase coming up....

21:38 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Canada Finish With 106!!!

So, the Red Army has done decently with the bat here! This will be the highest run-chase at this ground if Pakistan does manage to get over the line. 10 runs coming from the last over of Naseem Shah!

21:33 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: One Final Over To Go...

Naseem Shah will bowl the final over and Canada need four more runs to reach that psychological 100-run mark.

21:24 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Mohammad Amir Is Too Hot To Handle!

A shortish cutter from Mohammad Amir and his skills prove too good for Canada skipper, Saad Bin Zafar. A good catch from Mohammad Rizwan as well with spider-cam around his sight as well, while taking the catch. This is what Pakistan need, a good effort on the field to back their class pace attack.

21:17 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Can Canada Post 120?

The pitch is quite difficult to bat, and the highest score in the second innings at this ground is just 125. So, if Canada is able to get somewhere around 120, they can put Pakistan batters under pressure, who have struggled a lot so far. Four wickets in hand, and four overs to go...

21:09 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Naseem Hits Timber; Johnson Falls!

Naseem Shah gets the big fish and Pakistan are in control now. A back-of-a-length delivery on the middle. Aaron Johnson makes room and goes for a wild slog. He misses it completely and the ball knocks over his stumps. A poor shot from the half-centurion and Pakistan would be looking to keep Canada under 100 now.

21:06 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Fifty For Aaron Johnson!!!

Just the third batter to reach fifty at this venue! Johnson gets to his fifty in style as he tonks Imad Wasim down the ground. This has been a fantastic knock, but Canada need him to bat till the end.

21:02 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Oh, Fakhar Zaman Drops A Catch!

Haris Rauf is down on his knees in frustration! This is such a sloppy effort from Fakhar Zaman. He is a good fielder, and surely all Pakistan expect more from him. A Shortish delivery on middle, Johnson tries to pull it but gets a big top edge and the ball went towards the mid-wicket region. Fakhar Zaman tries to get under it, but does so very casually and in the end, couldn't even get his fingertips on the ball.

20:59 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Aaron Johnson, The Lone-Warrior!

Aaron Johnson is playing a gem of a knock here! He has been brutal against anything lose and has also respected good deliveries when he needed it to. A perfect example of how to play on these kind of tracks. Brilliant stuff!!!

20:50 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Double-Strike From Haris Rauf; Canada Losing Their Way!

Rauf looks in mood today, gets another one! Too good for Ravinderpal as this shortish delivery gets big on him and Pakistan pacers are finally showing their class.

20:49 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: 100th T20I Wicket For Haris Rauf!

A short of a good-length delivery from Haris Rauf and Movva makes a tentative push at it. He ended up getting a faint edge to Rizwan who makes no mistake as Haris Rauf bags his 100th T20I wicket. Also, it is Rizwan's 50th catch in T20Is.

20:35 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Imad Wasim With A Moment Of Brilliance!

Direct hit and Nicholas Kirton is run-out! A length delivery on middle and Aaron Johnson just defended it towards covers. A bit of mix-up between the batter and by the time they decide to not take the run, Imad Wasim fired a throw at the bowler's end, and Nicholas Kirton failed to reach his ground. He was the highest-scorer for Canada against Ireland, and this is a big wicket for Pakistan.

20:30 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: First Six Of The Match, Aaron Johnson Is Not Backing Away!

Short and wide outside off from Haris Rauf and Aaron Johnson cuts it over deep backward point for a maximum. This is poor bowling, and Pakistan pacers have been pretty inconsistent today.

20:24 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Shaheen Afridi Finds His Mojo Now!

Change of ends for Shaheen Afridi, and he strikes in his very first ball. Quite a deadly delivery this, and poor Pargat Singh had no answer for it. It was a shortish delivery, that bounced sharply and got big into the right-hander. He tried to defend it, but the ball caught the outside edge of his blade, and Fakhar Zaman at first slip took a fine diving catch.

20:21 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Positive Start For Canada!

Despite the wicket, Canada have started well. Teams have found difficult to get going in the Powerplay on this pitch, and Canada would be happy with the boundaries they have been able to get against the kind of quality bowling they are up against.

20:14 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Here We Go...Mohammad Amir Strikes With A Beauty!

This was much-needed for Pakistan! They needed this wicket badly, and the experienced Amir produces an absolute beauty to get rid of Navneet Dhaliwal. A perfect in-dipper and it knocked over the middle pole in style.

20:09 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Desperate Appeal From Naseem Shah!

Naseem Shah beats Aaron Johnson, and there is a daylight between bat and ball. However, Naseem still makes a loud appeal, and thankfully for Pakistan, Babar Azam did not go for the DRS.

20:06 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Naseem Errs, Johnson Cuts!

Short and wide from Naseem Shah and Aaron Johnson has hit a powerful cut-shot over the in-field. This is a not a good start from Pakistan pacers.

20:02 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Another Boundary, Shaheen Is Being Punished Here!

In a bid to get that swing with the new ball, Shaheen Afridi is overpitching and Johnson is making most of it. Great start for Canada!!!!

20:00 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: The Red Army Is Underway With A Boundary!

A full toss on middle and leg, and Aaron Johnson just flicks it away with disdain for a boundary.

19:59 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Shaheen Afridi Is Ready With The New Ball!

The left-arm pacer is known to pick wickets in the first over of the game, and let's see how Canada batters tackle him today. Here we go...

19:57 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: National Anthems Done, Time For Cricket To Take Over!

We are done with national anthems, and outwalk the Pakistan players. Babar Azam is looking all charged up and he would be looking for a clinical performance from his team today.

19:45 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Can Canada Batters Stand The Might Of Pakistan Pacers?

The last time Canada played at this venue, they scored 137 against Ireland, and Nicholas Kirton was the star of the show with his 49 off 35 balls. He needs to show his class again today, and if the the duo of Aaron Johnson and Navneet Dhaliwal start well in the Powerplay, Pakistan can surely be put under pressure.

19:39 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Babar Or Rizwan; Who Will Be Demoted?

With Saim Ayub in the playing XI, he will open for sure and that means either of Babar or Rizwan would have to bat at number 3. This is a big change by Pakistan after two consecutive losses, and let's see how their batting group goes about its business in this do-or-die game.

19:35 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Playing XIs

Pakistan Playing XI: Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Saim Ayub, Babar Azam (c), Fakhar Zaman, Usman Khan, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Amir

Canada Playing XI: Aaron Johnson, Navneet Dhaliwal, Pargat Singh, Nicholas Kirton, Shreyas Movva (wk), Ravinderpal Singh, Saad Bin Zafar (c), Dillon Heyliger, Kaleem Sana, Junaid Siddiqui, Jeremy Gordon

19:32 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Babar Azam Wins The Toss And Decides To Bowl

So, Pakistan have made a big change as they have brought in Saim Ayub in place of Iftikhar Ahmed. Canada have also made one change with Dilpreet Bajwa goes out and Ravinderpal Singh in.

19:24 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Will Toss Play A Big Role?

Toss has not been a big factor at Nassau so far. Six matches have been played at the venue, and three have been won by the team batting first, and three have been won by the chasing team. So, it is all about applying with the bat on this pitch, and let's see how things pan out in this crucial encounter. However, if you are chasing, you can pace your innings accordingly, so the team winning the toss would most likely bowl first.

19:12 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Can Pakistan Repeat 2022 Heroics?

Pakistan cricket is known for its unpredictable nature, and time and again, they end up finding themselves in a precarious situation. In the last T20 World Cup as well, they were on the verge of getting knocked out after losing to India and Zimbabwe, but they ended up reaching the final. So, never count out Pakistan and their ability to create magic. Today might just be the day where it all starts for them in this World Cup.

18:42 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Team Previews


Canada, on the other hand, lost a high-scoring game to USA, but came back strongly against Ireland, and registered a crucial win. They have an opportunity here to knock Pakistan out of the tournament, which will be a huge thing in itself and it will also be a huge boost to their chances of making it to Super 8.

18:39 (IST) Jun 11

PAK Vs CAN Live Score: Team Previews


The Babar Azam-led Pakistan unit suffered a shocking loss in their opening game of the T20 World Cup and then went down against India too, as they failed to chase down the target of 120 on a tricky Nassau pitch. Their bowlers have done well, but the batting unit look short of ideas and it if high time they get their house in order, before things get out of their hands.

18:24 (IST) Jun 11

Hello and a very warm welcome, folks! This is OneCricket's Live Blog and we have Pakistan up against Canada in the 22nd match of this 9th edition of T20 World Cup. It is a big day for both the teams, especially for Pakistan as they need to win this game to keep their Super 8 hopes alive. Canada, on the other hand, would be itching to spoil their party and it promises to be a cracking encounter. This is Aashay Chopade, and I will be at your service throughout this game with live and exciting updates.