Most Ducks In IPL

Glenn Maxwell holds the record for most IPL ducks (AP)Glenn Maxwell holds the record for most IPL ducks (AP)

The IPL is a batter's paradise, where the pressure to score quickly often leads to aggressive batting from the moment players step onto the pitch. This pursuit of quick runs and boundaries, however, can also result in batter getting out for 0 runs, commonly referred to as a "duck" in cricket.

In the IPL, where every run counts and matches can be decided by small margins, getting out for a duck can be a nightmare scenario for any batsman. The combination of aggressive batting, poor form, match pressure, and the high stakes of the tournament can lead to such dismissals.

In cricket getting out for a duck is generally considered disappointing and frustrating for any batter in cricket, regardless of the format, or even in popular leagues like the Indian Premier League

In this article, let's check out the players with the most ducks in IPL history. 

1Glenn Maxwell13418
2Dinesh Karthik
3Rohit Sharma
4Piyush Chawla19216
5Sunil Narine
6Rashid khan
7Mandeep Singh
8Manish Pandey
9Ambati Rayudu187
10Harbhajan Singh 90

Most Ducks In IPL History: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who is the duck king of IPL?

Answer: Glenn Maxwell has the record holder for most IPL ducks. Maxwell has been dismissed for zero runs a shocking 18 times.

Q.2 What is a golden duck in IPL?

Answer: In cricketing terms, a duck is a batsman's dismissal with a score of zero. A batsman being dismissed off their first delivery faced is known as a golden duck.

Q.3 How many ducks of Virat Kohli are there in the IPL?

Answer: Virat Kohli, former Royal Challengers Bangalore Captain, has been dismissed 10 times in 237 matches. 

Q.4 How many ducks for Rohit Sharma in IPL?

Answer:  In IPL Rohit Sharma is the third most entry in the list of the players with the most ducks in IPL. The hitman has been having horrible luck lately and is in third place after Glenn Maxwell and Dinesh Karthik.