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[Watch] Rohit Sharma Points To Self After Journalist Highlights Off-Spinners' Absence In WC

Rohit Sharma entertains journalists at official press conference (X.com)Rohit Sharma entertains journalists at official press conference (X.com)

In a hilarious incident during a press conference, Indian captain Rohit Sharma corrected the journalist who highlighted the void of off-spin options in India's T20 World Cup squad, gesturing that he is the part-time off-spinner the team needs.

24 hours after the BCCI announced India's 15-man squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup, captain Rohit Sharma and chief selector Ajit Agarkar addressed a press conference earlier today to clear queries related to some questionable moves.

Agarkar touched on the sensitive topic of Rinku Singh's exclusion, while Rohit laughed it out on concerns related to Virat Kohli's strike rate.

That being said, a certain journalist asked Ajit Agarkar why the selection committee didn't go for extra off-spin options and if the void of an off-spinner would hurt the team combination in the tournament.

To this, Rohit Sharma raised his finger and reminded the journalist through his gestures that he is an off-spinner. And given the need arises, he can very well chip in a couple of overs to provide the balance.

Rohit Sharma's gestures forced the conference room to burst into laughter as the Indian captain's quirky antics once again won fans' hearts.

Notably, Rohit began his professional cricketing career as an off-spinner before switching roles. He still sometimes bowls part-time off-spin as and when the team needs his services.

Additionally, Rohit Sharma revealed that he purposely forced the selection of as many as four spinners and promised to reveal the idea behind that during the World Cup in the USA. 

The first batch of India's 15-man squad will depart for the USA before the commencement of the IPL 2024 playoffs, with the rest of the team flying later after the IPL finals.