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[Watch] Azam Khan's Hilarious Drills In PAK's Military Camp Leaves Teammates In Splits

Azam Khan trains hard in PAK military fitness camp (X.com)Azam Khan trains hard in PAK military fitness camp (X.com)

Pakistan senior cricket team is currently undergoing a strict training camp in Abbottabad supervised by the state’s military personnel and Azam Khan turned the camp into a laughter riot with his hilarious jumps and tricks.

With the T20 World Cup in sight, Pakistan cricket went through a series of changes in the past couple of months. 

The new PCB chief reappointed Babar Azam as the white ball captain replacing Shaheen Afridi after mere five match experience. 

Moreover, to ensure the players match the international level standards of fitness, PCB arranged a tough training regime for as many as 30 selected players in Abbottabad. The camp is supervised by Pakistan’s military personnel, with players being strictly advised to follow their orders.

Azam Khan's training session turns into a laughing riot!

That being said, in a recent clip coming straight from the camp, wicket-keeper batter Azam Khan was seen running around the field in an absolutely hilarious manner. He lifted Mohammad Haris on his shoulders mid-way through his run and dropped him like a sack later.

Moreover, Khan rolled around on cushions and lifted some weights along the way. For the final lap, he made some throws and literally dropped himself on the cushion at the end of his training drill.

Babar Azam, watching everything on the sidelines, ran towards Azam Khan to applaud his efforts, and the whole camp busted into giggles while watching Azam’s hilarious fitness session. 

That being said, Pakistan is set to host New Zealand in a five-game T20 series starting on April 18. While New Zealand chose to field a B-team, Pakistan has yet to decide on its choice of the final 15-member squad.