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PAK Coach Breaks Silence On Azam Khan Enjoying Street Food After Humilating Defeat To India

Azhar Mahmood on Azam Khan's viral clip (x.com)Azhar Mahmood on Azam Khan's viral clip (x.com)

Ahead of Pakistan's must-win match against Canada on June 11, Men in Green's assistant coach Azhar Mahmood spoke to the press where he addressed the morale within the dressing room as there were reports of rifts among the players after an embarrassing defeat against India.

Notably, Pakistan lost by 6 runs against India and it was a game for them to win. Following the defeat, the players were heavily criticised and trolled for their schoolboy errors. 

Amid the trolling, a video went viral, where Azam Khan, who was dropped for the India tie, was seen enjoying street food. 

Meanwhile, a curious reporter did not let the moment slip and asked about the same to Azhar Mahmood, who too was aggravated by the question and broke the silence on the matter. 

The coach defended Azam and stated that there is a life beyond cricket and that the reporter wouldn't have asked him this question had Pakistan won that game. 

"Did you see the match day? Brother, cricket is played on the ground. There is life beyond cricket. You were there. I'm telling you, you were there. I saw you there too. The thing is, we are a very emotional nation. I mean, it's not possible that if you lose a match, your life will be over. Yes. How will you do it? If you lose a match and then you come to the room and bang the walls of the room, then you need a little time to relax your mind," Mahmood said. 

Mahmood also stated that it is not just Pakistani side that went out for a dinner after a defeat, but all the teams in the world do the same. 

"Now, obviously, our players are not like that. I've been with English teams, too. If they go to a place like that, you can only go to eat, that's our entertainment. Now tell me, who's not following a diet plan? All the teams in the world do it. There's no such thing. When we lose, we feel that we are not following this; we are not following that. If we had won, you wouldn't be asking me this question," he added.