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Ishan Kishan Gets 'Emotional' Seeing  Hardik's Redemption At Wankhede After MI's Tough Season

Hardik Pandya smiling hearing Hardik Hardik chants at Wankhede (X.com)Hardik Pandya smiling hearing Hardik Hardik chants at Wankhede (X.com)

Ishan Kishan has been a steadfast supporter of Mumbai Indians skipper Hardik Pandya through thick and thin. 

Following Hardik Pandya's World Cup victory and his triumphant walkout at Wankhede, Ishan Kishan felt the weight of Hardik's redemption journey and became emotional.

"I got very emotional when he stepped out of the dressing room with Trophy & entire Wankhede erupted, it was redemption for him - it was difficult for him in last 6 months, all kind of things were written about him but he never lost the cool, he took in a sporting manner & just focusing in the game"-Ishan Kishan said.  

The Hardik Redemption

The summer was anything but easy for Hardik Pandya. After being transferred from Gujarat Titans to Mumbai Indians and taking over the captaincy from Rohit Sharma, Hardik faced a tough phase. 

He was frequently booed by fans, which impacted his IPL performance. Mumbai Indians ended up at the bottom of the table, and Hardik took the blame.

The T20 World Cup was Hardik Pandya's redemption, as he excelled with both bat and ball. After delivering the match-winning over in the final, an emotional Hardik Pandya was visibly moved. Rohit Sharma, also emotional, hugged and kissed Hardik.

When Hardik arrived at Wankhede with the team, the entire stadium chanted his name. That moment marked his redemption. Ishan Kishan, both as a teammate and a brother, relished the moment alongside every other fan.