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ICC Announces Fielding Impact Ratings; 2 Indians Included But NED Beat Runners-Up As Team

image-lp71jo5cMarnus Labuschagne grabbed the No. 1 spot in the list

In the recently concluded ICC World Cup 2023, the Australian team demonstrated a masterclass in fielding, a crucial factor that significantly contributed to their world championship title.

Jadeja and Kohli the only two Indians amongst top 10 fielders

The ICC Fielding Impact Ratings, developed in collaboration with Sportradar, highlighted individual performances, with Australian cricketers Marnus Labuschagne and David Warner topping the list, followed by remarkable fielding efforts from players across various teams, including notable contributions from Indian players.

Marnus Labuschagne emerged as the most effective fielder in the tournament, amassing 82.66 Fielding Impact Rating points. His fielding feats included eight catches and 15 runs saved. Notably, he was involved in four run-outs, assisting in three, the most for any player in the tournament. Labuschagne’s agility and precision in the field played a significant role in Australia's strategy, particularly during the knockout stages, where his performance was crucial in setting up wins.

David Warner was hot on Labuschagne’s heels with 82.55 points. Warner’s fielding brilliance was evident in his saving of 23 runs and equalling Labuschagne’s tally of eight catches. His vigilant presence on the field consistently created challenges for the opposing batsmen.

South African cricketer David Miller claimed the third spot with 79.48 points, showcasing his exceptional fielding abilities. His agility and quick reflexes were pivotal in several close matches.

From the Indian contingent, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja ranked fourth with 72.72 points. Known for his sharp fielding, Jadeja's contributions were significant in tight situations, often turning the tide of the game with his quick throws and catches.

Netherlands’ Sybrand Engelbrecht (58.72) was another surprise package, securing the fifth position for his exceptional work.

Indian batting maestro Virat Kohli also shone in the field, securing a place in the top ten with 56.79 points. Apart from his record-breaking 765 runs in the tournament, Kohli’s fielding efforts, which included six catches and seven runs saved, were vital for India’s campaign.

Aiden Markram (50.85), Mitchell Santner (46.25), Glenn Maxwell (45.07) and Glenn Phillips (42.76) were other notable names in the top ten, each contributing significantly to their respective teams with their fielding skills.

Fielding Impact Rating Points
Marnus Labuschagne82.66
David Warner82.55
David Miller
Ravindra Jadeja72.72
Sybrand Engelbrecht58.72
Virat Kohli56.79
Aiden Markram50.85
Mitchell Santner46.25
Glenn Maxwell45.07
Glenn Phillips42.76

Moreover, the overall team statistics further highlighted Australia's fielding dominance, with a cumulative total of 383.58 points and an average of 34.87 points per game. Their catch efficiency was the highest in the tournament at 74.19%, with 62 catches taken and only 16 dropped.

India, finishing as runners-up, were placed fourth in the fielding rankings, behind South Africa (340.59) and the Netherlands (292.02), amassing 281.04 points with a catch efficiency of 72%.

Fielding Impact Rating Points
South Africa340.59
New Zealand225.53
Sri Lanka184.83