Mohammed Shami Wife

image-lp8308wkMohammed Shami with his estranged wife Hasin Jahan (Twitter)

Indian bowling spearhead, Mohammed Shami ended up as the leading wicket-taker at the ICC World Cup 2023. He has been in the spotlight not only for his bowling brilliance but also due to his personal life, particularly his tumultuous marriage and ongoing divorce case with Hasin Jahan. Here’s an in-depth look at Mohammed Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan.

Who is Mohammed Shami Wife, Hasin Jahan?

Background and Early Life

Hasin Jahan, known primarily as the estranged wife of Mohammed Shami, has her own distinct identity and background. She was born on February 2, 1980, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Growing up in a traditional Muslim Bengali family, her upbringing was in the bustling cultural milieu of Kolkata. 

Her father, Mohammed Hassan, was engaged in a transportation business, while her mother was a homemaker. This familial setting played a significant role in shaping Jahan's early life perspectives and choices.

Education and Early Aspirations

Jahan’s educational journey began in her hometown of Kolkata. She attended Katwa Bharati Bhaban in Katwa for her schooling, receiving a conventional education. Displaying academic proficiency, she later pursued higher education, completing her graduation in hotel management from a reputed college in Kolkata.

During her educational years, Jahan developed a keen interest in the entertainment industry. This inclination led her to explore modeling, an endeavour that showcased her desire to make a mark in a field far from her traditional family background. Her early aspirations in modelling, however, were eventually overshadowed by her familial and marital commitments.

Career and Ventures

Beyond her early modelling aspirations, Hasin Jahan ventured into business and the entertainment industry. She established herself as a businesswoman with her own beauty business named 'LALA.' This venture focuses on cosmetic products, ranging from lotions to eyewear.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Jahan also explored opportunities in the film industry. She appeared in movies like “Pitching Love and Catching Fire” and “One Shot Dragon Warriors.” These roles, though not leading her to mainstream stardom, indicated her continued connection with and interest in the entertainment world.

Following her graduation in hotel management, Hasin Jahan embarked on a career in modelling. This career choice marked a significant divergence from her earlier educational path. In the modelling industry, Jahan found success and visibility, appearing in a variety of advertisements and music videos.

In addition to modelling, Jahan also ventured into sports entertainment. She worked as a cheerleader for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL). This role further increased her visibility, connecting her with a wider audience and associating her with one of the most high-profile sports leagues in India.

Physical Stature

Hasin Jahan stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, a height that complemented her modelling career. Her physical stature along with her skills and presence, made her a notable figure in her various professional roles.

Family Details

Details about Hasin Jahan's family are relatively less known to the public. However, it is reported that her family faced a significant loss with the passing of her father after a prolonged illness.

Hasin Jahan's Marital History

Mohammed Shami Wife First Husband: Shaikh Saifuddin

Hasin Jahan's personal life includes two marriages, the first of which was with Shaikh Saifuddin. Their marriage, which lasted from 2002 to 2010, was a significant chapter in her life. During this marriage, Jahan became a mother to two daughters.

This period of her life was marked by a desire to balance her family responsibilities with her personal goals. Jahan expressed a keen interest in continuing her studies and advancing her career. However, this ambition faced resistance from her in-laws, leading to tensions within the family.

Divorce and Its Aftermath

The conflicts over her career aspirations and the conservative expectations of her in-laws eventually resulted in the dissolution of her marriage to Shaikh Saifuddin in 2010. This divorce was a turning point, as it not only ended her first marriage but also opened a new chapter where she could pursue her personal goals more freely.

The end of her first marriage was a pivotal moment that led her towards new opportunities and challenges, including her subsequent marriage to Mohammed Shami.

Time and again, Shami's wife has criticised him on news channels, and as a result, she has received negative reactions from everywhere.

Hasin Jahan's Second Marriage to Mohammed Shami

Hasin Jahan's second marriage was with Mohammed Shami, whom she met during the IPL in 2012. Their relationship blossomed over two years, leading to their marriage on June 6, 2014. The couple was blessed with a daughter, Aairah, in July 2015. However, this marriage, like her first, encountered significant challenges and ultimately led to a separation in 2018.

Turbulent Times and Allegations

The relationship faced a tumultuous phase when Jahan accused Shami of various serious allegations. In 2018, she went public with claims that Shami had extramarital affairs with multiple women. She accused him of both mental and physical abuse, substantiating her allegations with screenshots of his alleged conversations on Messenger and WhatsApp. Additionally, Jahan claimed that Shami engaged in sexual activities with prostitutes in BCCI hotels during his cricket tours.

Legal Struggles and Public Disclosures

The couple's marital discord escalated into a legal battle. Jahan approached the Jadavpur Police Station in January 2018 with her accusations, initially hesitating to proceed legally. She later took her grievances to social media, sharing evidence of Shami's alleged infidelity and even claiming that he had secretly married a Pakistani woman.

In response, Shami vehemently denied all allegations, including charges of match-fixing, and asserted his loyalty to the country.

Court Proceedings and Alimony

The legal proceedings saw significant developments over time. In January 2023, a Kolkata court ruled in favour of Jahan, ordering Shami to pay her a monthly alimony of Rs. 1.30 lakh. This amount included Rs. 50,000 for Jahan's personal expenses and Rs. 80,000 for the upbringing of their daughter.

However, in a subsequent turn of events, Shami and his elder brother Mohammed Hasib were granted bail by a Kolkata lower court concerning the domestic violence allegations.

Ongoing Dispute and Supreme Court Involvement

The latest development in this prolonged legal battle is the involvement of the Supreme Court. Both Shami and Jahan have moved to the Supreme Court against an order passed by the Calcutta High Court, which dismissed Jahan's plea for an arrest warrant against Shami

Hasin Jahan's Net Worth

Hasin Jahan, amidst her successes and controversies, particularly her high-profile divorce from Mohammed Shami, has been an advocate for women's rights. Her exact net worth isn't publicly disclosed, but estimates suggest it's around Rs. 50 to 80 lakhs.

A significant part of her income stems from her presence as an Instagram influencer and social media personality, where she enjoys a huge following. Her primary earnings come from, business ventures, promoting various products and brands on these platforms, earning a fee from each brand endorsement transaction.

FAQs about Mohammed Shami's Wife, Hasin Jahan

Q.1. Who is Mohammed Shami's wife?

Answer: Hasin Jahan is the wife of Mohammed Shami. She is known for her career in modelling and as a businesswoman, along with her high-profile marriage and subsequent legal battles with Shami.

Q.2. How did Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami meet?

Answer: Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami met during the IPL season in 2012. Their relationship developed over time, leading to their marriage in 2014.

Q.3. Does Hasin Jahan have children?

Answer: Yes, Hasin Jahan has two daughters from her first marriage to Shaikh Saifuddin and a daughter named Aairah with Mohammed Shami.

Q.4. Who is Mohammed Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan’s first husband?

Answer: Hasin Jahan's first husband was Shaikh Saifuddin. They were married from 2002 to 2010, and during their marriage, they had two daughters. The marriage ended in divorce in 2010.