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'We have Made Some Mistakes...' - KL Rahul's First Statement After Truce With LSG Owner

KL Rahul and Sanjiv Goenka sorted the issues ahead of DC clash (X)KL Rahul and Sanjiv Goenka sorted the issues ahead of DC clash (X)

The feud between KL Rahul and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) owner Sanjiv Goenka has finally come to an end, as Goenka extended an invitation to Rahul for dinner. 

The owner-captain duo shook hands, resolving their issues just before LSG's crucial match against Delhi Capitals.

With only two games left in the league stage, LSG needs to win both to qualify for the playoffs. The resolution of issues between Rahul and Goenka comes just in time for these important matches.

KL Rahul's initial statements after the cease fire

After the resolution of the feud, KL Rahul spoke about the situation, providing some clarity. 

KL Rahul appeared optimistic and in high spirits as he socialized with owner Sanjiv Goenka before one of Lucknow Super Giants' most important matches of the season.

"We have made some mistakes but not much we can go back and figure out what went wrong. It's just to be brave with the bat and the ball and get into the contest and see how to win the game. It's about coming out and figuring what's the best for the team" - KL Rahul's first words after the reconciliation. 

Rahul also addressed Lucknow Super Giants' performance, particularly focusing on the batters' performance.

"The batters have been good in the last few years. Just have to be brave and keep the batters guessing"- Rahul added.

In order to qualify for the playoffs, LSG must win their remaining games, which would earn them 16 points and potentially secure a spot in the top 4. 

However, their qualification also depends on the performance of other teams. Currently, CSK and SRH have better net run rate (NRR) than LSG.