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[Watch] 'It Still Hasn't...': Rohit Sharma On Feeling Being As World Champion

Rohit Sharma talks about partying all night after the final [X]Rohit Sharma talks about partying all night after the final [X]

Indian captain, Rohit Sharma has opened up about how the team celebrated after putting an end to a long ICC trophy drought on Saturday with a win over South Africa in Barbados to win the T20 World Cup.

In the latest video released by the BCCI on social media, Rohit Sharma takes us through the emotions that he and his team went through in the last couple of days since etching their names in the history books.

Rohit says that the feeling is yet to sink in and that it feels like a dream that the wait is finally over and the dream has been fulfilled.

"Feels surreal. It still hasn't sunk in. Feels like a dream and it hasn't happened yet. We have dreamt about it and worked towards it for a long time as a unit. It feels really nice when you work hard towards something and it happens. Very relieved"

Talking about the celebrations, Rohit admitted to not sleeping on the night at all after winning the match.

"We had a blast with the team till very early morning. Didn't sleep properly but it is fine by me to not have sleep after such days. I can go back home and sleep. It was a special moment for us and I want to live every second of it."

"I didn't think about it [the reaction after winning]. I was just living in the moment. I went to the pitch, it gave us this. I will remember that ground and pitch forever in my life. [On eating the grass] I wanted to have a piece of the pitch with me."

Rohit, alongside Virat announced their T20I retirement after fulfilling the promise of hoisting the tricolor in Barbados. The duo ended as top two run getters in the format at the time of retirement, 43 runs apart from each other.