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[Watch] Babar Azam's 'Act Of Kindness' Left Young Fan Girl In Tears; Video Goes Viral 

Babar Azam melted hearts with fullfiling wish of young fans (x)Babar Azam melted hearts with fullfiling wish of young fans (x)

Babar Azam recently melted hearts when he was spotted interacting with ecstatic young fans. The cricketer not only took pictures and signed autographs but also gifted the fan girl with his cap, complete with an autograph. 

The touching moment was captured in a viral video, that showcased the young fan overwhelmed with joy and even shedding tears of happiness.

In the video that went viral on the internet, the fan initially asked Babar Azam for his shirt, but he informed her that he didn't have one to give. Not wanting to disappoint her, he called her back and presented his cap instead. 

The young girl praised Babar for his kindness, that made this encounter a truly heartwarming and memorable experience for her.

Babar Azam's Kind Gesture For Young Fans

Babar Azam has faced significant criticism after Pakistan's early exit from the T20 World Cup 2024. The team's miserable performance has led to widespread disappointment and outrage among fans, with Pakistan skipper being a focal point of scrutiny due to his role as captain. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) made changes before the tournament, as they appointed Babar Azam as captain, replacing Shaheen Afridi. This decision was questioned by many, especially in light of the team's underwhelming performance in the tournament.

The players and management have faced heavy criticism and trolling from fans and cricket followers after their early exit from the marquee tournament.