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[Watch] 'Bas Maa': Rohit Sharma's Emotional Moment With Mom During T20 WC Win Celebrations

Rohit Sharma's mom gets emotional on son's return (x.com)Rohit Sharma's mom gets emotional on son's return (x.com)

In a heartwarming scene that captured the nation's attention, Team India captain Rohit Sharma shared a tender moment with his mother after the T20 World Cup 2024 victory parade in Mumbai.

After the exuberant celebrations ended, Rohit’s mother, Poornima, who was right there with her son, was bursting with pride and joy.

Rohit Sharma reunites with His mother post T20 World Cup win

A video has gone viral showing Rohit Sharma’s mom, Poornima embracing and kissing her son on both cheeks and forehead. 

The scene unfolded at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where Rohit Sharma walked up to the president’s box to meet his parents.

Overwhelmed by her affection, Rohit, surrounded by fans and media personnel, gently asked her to stop, saying, “Bas Maa.”

This emotional moment, filled with love and pride, epitomized the emotional high of Team India’s triumphant return as world champions.

It is worth mentioning that Rohit Sharma’s mother had skipped a doctor's appointment to be there, which shows the significance of the day for their family. 

Despite the frenzy of selfie-seekers, Rohit requested privacy to share this special moment with his parents.

“I never imagined I would witness this day,” Poornima told The Indian Express. “Before heading to the World Cup, he visited us and mentioned he wanted to retire from T20Is after this tournament. I told him to try to win. Even though I wasn’t feeling well today and had a doctor's appointment, I had to be here to see this day.”

Her pride was evident as she continued: “I can’t express my happiness. Look at the cheering. I have never experienced this kind of atmosphere. The amount of love he is getting is because of his hard work and dedication. I’m the happiest mother today.”

This emotional moment between Rohit Sharma and his mother has touched the hearts of many, leaving the netizens in awe.