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'Virat Kohli Aggression Videos In Her History' - Jemimah Reveals Secret To Radha Yadav's Success

Virat Kohli's aggressive streak inspires Radha Yadav ahead of WPL matches [X.com]Virat Kohli's aggressive streak inspires Radha Yadav ahead of WPL matches [X.com]

In an interesting confession, Delhi Capitals (DC) star Radha Yadav revealed watching Indian batting great Virat Kohli's aggressive clips and instances for inspiration and motivation ahead of matches in the Women's Premier League (WPL) 2024. 

Speaking to Capitals' Indian match-winner Jemimah Rodrigues in a light conversation following DC's victory over Gujarat Giants on Sunday (May 3), Yadav disclosed her habit of tuning into YouTube for Kohli's clips where the legend unleashes his aggressive and unabashed avatar on the opposition. 

The left-arm spinner revealed the idea is to get pumped up before facing an opponent and taking the attacking mode onto the cricket field with her in the manner that India and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) great is renowned for doing over the years. 

Radha Yadav Makes Interesting Kohli Confession 

The confession was made after Rodrigues shed light on Yadav's YouTube history as the teammate took her phone to listen to the songs in free time. Rodrigues asked why exactly is Yadav searching for 'Virat Kohli aggression videos'. 

"It's to stay pumped-up heading into matches," Yadav said. "He is my idol and I watch his clips before every game to replicate the passion with which he plies his trade. I relate to him a lot and that is why I watch those clips."

Rodrigues then funnily told Yadav that she wishes "Virat Bhaiyya's blessing" is always on her and she continues to scale further heights with her game for the Delhi franchise and the Indian team. 

The game against the Giants was a special one for Yadav as the young spinner accounted for three wickets at the cost of just 20 runs off his 4 overs and dismantled the opposition batting line-up in a handsome win for her side.