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'Stay In Crease': Joe Root Admits Australia Righly Stumped Bairstow In Ashes 2023

Joe Root & Bairstow - (X.com)Joe Root & Bairstow - (X.com)

July 2, 2024 marks the first anniversary of the controversial Jonny Bairstow Stumping that occurred during the last day of the Lords' Test in Ashes 2023. 

Notably, Australia were 1-0 up in the five-match Test series, and in the Lords' game, a controversy erupted after Australia keeper Alex Carey Stumped Jonny Bairstow as he stepped out of the crease. The controversy was that Bairstow assumed the play to be dead which is why he stepped out of the crease.

The internet was divided into two groups. A section supported Carey, while a few felt bad for the Englishman. 

However, in the latest events, former England skipper Joe Root has admitted that it was Bairstow's mistake that he left his crease and added that he should have been more aware as a player. 

"Initially I was quite angry, but I think when you're involved in the game it's very difficult to put yourself in the other position. So I'd like to say I would have dealt with it differently (than Australia), but I could very easily have done the same thing. Jonny will hate me saying this, but if you stay in your crease you can't get given out can you? At the end of the day it's within the laws of the game. You should be aware as a player."

Notably, Root took a 360 degree turn from his earlier stance. 

"As a player, it's how you want to play the game, how you want to be remembered," Root told reporters ahead of Thursday's third Ashes Test in Leeds.

Eventually, the 2023 Ashes were drawn 2-2 after England won the last two games to level the series.