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'Phone Not With Me': Pooja Vastrakar's Apology Over Controversial Story On PM Modi

Pooja Vastrakar land in controversy over social media post (X.com)Pooja Vastrakar land in controversy over social media post (X.com)

Indian women's cricketer Pooja Vastrakar recently found herself embroiled in controversy after she shared an objectionable social media post featuring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After massive backlash, the all-rounder issued an apology and claimed innocence. 

Pooja Vastrakar recently featured in the WPL's second edition with Mumbai Indians' Women and finished inside the playoffs.

However, this time around, she found herself in the news for all the wrong reasons. An Instagram story from her official account mocking the national political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, surfaced earlier today. 

Pooja Vastrakar apologises over controversial post

The Instagram post featured honourable Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi and some notable political leaders. The post was derogatory and highly objectionable, which caused a lot of criticism and backlash against Pooja.

That being said, hours after her social media activity went viral, Pooja Vastrakar deleted the post and issued an apology.

The all-rounder claimed innocence saying the post was uploaded from her Instagram ID when her phone wasn't in her possession, meaning she denied uploading the story all by herself.

Further in the apology, Vastrakar said she has nothing but the utmost respect for the prime minister and apologised to all the people who may have been offended or hurt by her activities. 

That being said, Vastrakar's apology reflects a recognition of the sensitivity surrounding interactions with public figures, particularly political leaders, on social media platforms.

It also underscores how athletes are not immune to criticism for having certain views and preferences.

Regardless, the recent controversy is a learning curve for Pooja Vastrakar, who is getting used to being a public figure as a national women's cricketer.