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'Kaun Kar Sakta Hai Ye...': Pakistan Cricketers 'Criticised' For Hosting Private Dinner For 25 Dollars

Rashid Latif criticises Pakistan team [X]
Rashid Latif criticises Pakistan team [X]

The Pakistan cricket team is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently, some Pakistani players organized a "meet and greet" dinner event in the USA. It was meant to be an intimate gathering where fans could meet their favorite players. 

However, there was a catch – attendees had to pay $25 to get in. This stirred up a lot of controversy, and Rashid Latif, a former Pakistani player and captain, didn't hold back in criticizing the players for it.

Watch: Rashid Latif attacking Pakistan players for hosting private dinner

Rashid Latif took to social media to express his disapproval of this initiative by the Pakistan players.

In the video posted by Latif on social media, Pakistan players were seen allowing fans to meet them during the private dinner upon payment of a $25 fee. Latif and others in the video were disappointed to see this.

"There are official dinners, but this is a private dinner. Who can do this? It's terrible. That means you met our players in 25 dollars. God forbid, had there been a mess, people would have said boys are earning money," Latif said in the video.

In the video, Rashid Latif also mentions that hosting events for charity purposes is understandable, but organizing private dinners for money goes far beyond acceptable limits.

Pakistan is about to kickstart the T20 World Cup campaign tomorrow against the game vs USA. The much awaited Indian-Pakistan game is on 9th June.