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'Impact Player Is Not Permanent, But...': Jay Shah Mulls Controversial IPL Rule Change

Jay Shah address the controversial impact player rule of IPL 2024 (X.com)Jay Shah address the controversial impact player rule of IPL 2024 (X.com)

Amid backlash over the ill effects of the Impact Player Rule in IPL, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has insisted that the rule was introduced as a test case and will not be implemented on a permanent basis anytime soon.

Impact Player Rule, which allows IPL teams to sub a player with a specialist batter/bowler during any stage of the game, has received backlash after records were shattered in the IPL 2024 season. 

Analysts argued that impact player rule is diminishing the importance of all-rounders and also is unfair to bowlers to a certain extent as record numbers of runs were scored in this IPL 2024 season.

Reacting to the criticism, BCCI secretary Jay Shah clarified that impact player rule was initially introduced in IPL as a trial basis. It is a mere test case at the moment as BCCI are yet to decide if it should be imposed permanently.

Jay Shah speaks out on Impact Player Rule

Jay Shah added that the core idea behind the impact player rule was to ensure that Indian players, who would otherwise warm the bench, should get more and more opportunities. 

The secretary also confirmed that the apex body has yet to receive any negative feedback against the Impact player rule.

"Impact player was a test case. Two new Indian players are getting a chance in the IPL, We will discuss with the stakeholders - franchises, and broadcasters - before deciding on the continuation of the Impact Player. It's not permanent, but no one has provided feedback against the rule," Jay Shah quoted by Cricbuzz.

However, given the recent debate, Shah confirmed that a detailed discussion will be held with the IPL stakeholders, franchises, and broadcasters to understand their viewpoint, and accordingly, a decision regarding the continuation of the Impact Player rule will be made in due time.

Notably, Indian captain Rohit Sharma was the first active player to raise concern about the adverse effects of the Impact player rule, saying it’s taking away the core values of cricket just for the sake of entertainment.