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Imran Khan Granted Bail In 12 Cases After Pakistan Elections 2024

image-lsg17tcdImran Khan (X.com)

Former Pakistan legendary cricketer and Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was recently incarcerated following his arrest in connection with the May 9 violence case, has been granted bail in 12 such related cases. The decision comes as a relief for Khan, who has faced legal troubles since his detention in the wake of the violent clashes that erupted during protests against his arrest in corruption cases.

Imran Khan was arrested from the Islamabad High Court Premises on May 9 in an alleged corruption case. Following his arrest, Khan's PTI party workers caused unrest in the state of Pakistan. Acts of violence were reported at the gate of General Headquarters (GHQ), in the office of a sensitive institution, and among many others.

Accordingly, Imran Khan was booked for violence-related cases on the charges of instigation.

However, ATC Judge Malik Ejaz granted bail to the former cricketer earlier today in all such 12 cases after Khan agreed to a surety bond of ₹ 0.1 million. The judge reckoned that it was not justified to keep Imran behind bars when the rest accused of the cases had been freed. 

However, despite being granted bail on 12 cases, Imran Khan will remain behind bars as he has been convicted of several other unlawful activities, including being pronounced guilty of sharing state secrets with the enemy forces.

That being said, Khan's bail decision came a day after his political party, PTI-backed candidates won 100 seats in the National Assembly elections. It is alleged that Imran Khan dictated the election behind bars using AI technology.

Notably, Imran Khan held office as Prime Minister of Pakistan after his retirement from the field of cricket for a while before his government was toppled via a no-trust vote in April 2022. Since then, the former captain has been caught in multiple legal battles, which eventually landed him in jail.