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'He Is Brilliant Role Model': Zimbabwe Legend Lauds Virat Kohli For Exemplary Professionalism

Flower praises Virat Kohli [X]
Flower praises Virat Kohli [X]

After finally winning an ICC trophy together, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have retired from T20I cricket. This unexpected decision surprised many, given Kohli's enduring fitness and poised career. However, Kohli will continue to play for the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) in the IPL.

RCB coach Andy Flower shared his thoughts on Kohli's retirement from the shortest format of the game. Flower expressed his surprise at Kohli's decision, noting that Virat is one of the most professional players he has ever seen. 

Flower praises Kohli's professionalism

According to Flower, Kohli is the glue that holds the team together in the dressing room. RCB coach Andy Flower praised Virat Kohli for his exceptional professionalism and the vital role he played in managing the RCB team last season.

" I hadn't thought about it (Kohli's retirement). I was a little surprised. I really enjoyed working with Virat in the IPL last season. I have utmost respect for him, obviously as a player but also the way he supported Faf du Plessis and myself and Mo Bopat. He is a brilliant role model and an outstanding professional sportsperson. He is disciplined without being robotic. He laughs and has fun, has a cheeky sense of humor and takes the mickey out of people. He always mixes in with team gatherings and he is very approachable. He has a very good cricket brain and can think out of the box too"-Andy Flower as quoted by TOI.

Flower highlighted how Kohli's leadership and dedication significantly contributed to the team's cohesion and performance. He emphasized that Kohli's presence in the dressing room was invaluable, helping to team united.

RCB will face a mega auction ahead of next season, presenting a significant challenge for coach Andy Flower. One of his first priorities will be retaining Virat Kohli, who has been a constant presence in the team since the IPL's inception in 2008. 

Kohli is the only player to have played all IPL seasons with a single team.