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Top Five Stumpings By MS Dhoni in His Career

image-lia8oo0hMS Dhoni behind the Stumps (Source: Twitter/ICC)

Known as the fastest man behind the stumps, MS Dhoni has produced some masterpieces with his canny mind and quickness. The five-time Indian Premier League (IPL) champion who lifted his latest trophy in the recent finals for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vowed to stay one more year if his body permits.

With such an incredible career that has spanned over decades, Dhoni has pulled off some outstanding pieces that have left fans awestruck by his brilliance. Therefore, let's have look at the five brilliant pieces of stumpings by MS Dhoni that have been etched in the memory of fans

5. Shubman Gill in 2023, IPL Final

It was the final of the 2023 IPL where CSK were fighting against Gujarat Titans in quest to win their fifth title. GT batted first and their openers Shubman Gill and Wriddhiman Saha were going well with a few dropped chances costing them a lot.

image-liaiyeewMS Dhoni Stumps Shubman Gill (Source: BCCI/IPL)

Then, came a moment in the seventh over when Ravindra Jadeja was called into the attack and on his sixth delivery, Gill got deceived and Dhoni behind the stumps had merely 0.1 second to collect the ball which he did and knocked the stumps to send the batter back to the pavilion.

This was a huge breakthrough for CSK as Gill was the leading run-scorer in the tournament and his wicket was way more crucial. In the end, GT posted 214 on the board and CSK were tasked to chase down 171 in 15 overs due to rain which they did on the final delivery, hence, won their fifth IPL.

4. Shahid Afridi in 2007, India-Pakistan Series

Back in 2007, Pakistan were in India for a bilateral series where they scheduled to play five ODIs and three Tests. And in the very first ODI which was being played at Guwahati, there was a memorable moment when Sachin Tendulkar was bowling.

image-liajgwokSachin Tendulkar Bowling To Shahid Afridi With MS Dhoni Behind the Stumps (Source: Twitter)

Pakistan were batting first and during the 39th over of the game, Sachin was smashed by Shahid Afridi for a boundary as he was bowling from around the wicket. Then, Dhoni in his style, indicated Sachin to bowl wide of off which actually worked as Afridi came down the track and missed the delivery. Standing already wide, Dhoni collected it well and broke the stumps to help India get a major wicket.

Pakistan were only able to put 239 on the board and India chased down the target in 47 overs on the back of half-centuries from MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh with former being declared player of the match.

3. Ian Bell in 2013, Champions Trophy

image-liaj9tvzMS Dhoni Stumps Ian Bell in 2013 Champions Trophy Final (Source: Twitter)

India's victory in 2013 Champions Trophy was a story of redemption for the new looked side that took on the top-sides in the competition and triumphed in the most eventful manner. The Indian side fought their way back in the finals against England after they weren't able to score much.

Defending 130 in a 20 over game that was shortened due to rain, the Men in Blue defended the score by just 5 runs which is MS's third major ICC trophy after T20 World Cup and Cricket World Cup.

During the second innings, Dhoni stumped two of their great batters Ian Bell and Jonathan Trott which derailed the English innings. Out of the two, Bell's stumping was the one which was done with quite some brilliance as Jadeja's delivery was angled in. Bell missed it and Dhoni was at it in a fraction of second to remove the bails. Certainly, this breakthrough was the point where the Indian side started to believe that they are not far away from the prestigious title.

2. Keemo Paul in 2018, India-West Indies ODI Series

image-liaix9fhMS Dhoni Stumps Keemo Paul (Source: BCCI)

This piece of art is regarded as the fastest ever stumping done by the great MS Dhoni which took just 0.08 seconds. When West Indies toured India for a five-match ODI series, the fourth game saw this wonder where Dhoni dislodged batter Keemo Paul's bails to stump him out.

It was again Ravindra Jadeja who bowled that delivery and Paul tried his best to find contact with the ball but missed which brought MS into the picture who in a blink did his thing. Paul didn't even had a reaction time as the stumps were already cleaned up before he could think anything.

1. Sabbir Rahman in 2016, T20 World Cup 2016

image-liajd4urSabbir Rahman Batting Against India (Source: Twitter)

India versus Bangladesh game in the T20 World Cup 2016 is considered as one of the most iconic games in Indian history because of the runout that MSD did while running towards the stumps on the final ball. His masterpiece will always be etched in hearts of the million fans who had their hopes high.

However, there was also a stumping that was done on the bowling of Suresh Raina by Dhoni that had MSD stamp written all over it. Sabbir Rahman was unable to connect on a wide delivery down the leg which Dhoni grabbed and waited for the right time. Rahman lost his balance and Dhoni knocked over stumps swiftly to bring India back into the game as in the end, they emerged victorious by just 1 run to keep their hopes alive in the tournament.