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Top 5 Players With Highest Batting Average In ODIs After Turning 30 (Min 2000 Runs)

image-lsq4xhrvAB De Villiers has the fastest ODI century under his name (X.com)

There have been many ruthless hitters of the ball, but not all of them have been able to make a huge and long career out of their expertise of smacking the bowlers irrespective of the format. Only a few have managed to record their names in the history of cricket with their ruthlessness at the greatest level. Not only have they been able to smack the bowlers but they have also managed to do the same throughout their cricketing careers. 

AB De Villiers, who was among the most ruthless batters in the cricketing world, was also nothing short of a legend for South African cricket. In his 228-match-long ODI career, he has hammered 9577 runs with an amazing average of over 53. With the help of 25 ODI centuries and 53 half-centuries, De Villiers has been able to make a huge name for himself in the cricketing world. As he celebrates his 40th birthday, we at OneCricket are presenting a record for the players with the highest average in ODIs after turning 30, where he stands well above everyone. 

Let's have a look at the top five players with the highest average in ODIs after turning 30 with a minimum of 2000 runs. 

AB De Villiers - 63.64

image-lsq4rws5AB de Villiers (X.com)

The former captain of South Africa, AB De Villiers is nothing short of a legend for South African cricket. With his explosive hitting and variety of shots, he makes batting look so easy and used to keep the bowlers on his fingertips. He also led the South Africa team to the semifinals of the 2015 World Cup, where he did everything in his capacity to win games for the Proteas. 

With over 9500 ODI runs, De Villiers had an average of over 53, but talking about his average after he turned 30, he has the highest ODI average, 63.64 in the history of cricket, which brings him to the top of the list of this particular record. With his ability to score quickly, he is also among the players who have the fastest World Cup hundred under their name

Rohit Sharma - 59.34

image-lsq4ta5lRohit Sharma (X.com)

The current Indian captain, Rohit Sharma has been a gift to Indian cricket. Whether it's about hitting sixes or playing with timing, Rohit has covered it all with perfection. The whole cricketing fraternity believes that he has more time than others, which helps him time the ball perfectly. 

Rohit holds the record for most sixes in international cricket and also has the most number of World Cup centuries under his belt. Talking about his average in ODI cricket after turning 30, he comes second on this list with an average of 59.34. In the last 4-5 years, he has been an immaculate contributor to Indian cricket in all forms of the game. 

Ross Taylor - 58.61

image-lsq4u0xrRoss Taylor (X.com)

One of only three international players who have featured in 100 games in all three formats, Ross Taylor has played a major part in New Zealand's success over the last few years. Throughout his international career, Ross Taylor has amassed over 18,000 runs and has been a fulcrum of New Zealand's batting setup over the last decade. 

Undoubtedly, Taylor's name will go down in the history of New Zealand cricket as a legend for his valiant contributions throughout his career. Talking about his ODI numbers, with over 8.600 ODI runs including 21 centuries, he comes third on the list of players with the highest average after turning 30, with an amazing average of 58.61.

Faf Du Plessis - 57.96

image-lsq4v3vwFaf du Plessis (X.com)

One of the fittest cricketers in the world, Faf du Plessis was also the captain of the South African team. Although, he hasn't retired from international cricket, but he's been out of action for a while now. Still, he manages to be part of this record and comes in fourth spot with an ODI average of 57.96 after turning 30. 

In his ODI career, Du Plessis has hammered over 5,500 runs with an amazing average of 47.47. He had a decent start to his career but with experience, he went on to improve his numbers. After turning 30, he continued to score consistently and became one of the top batters with the highest average in ODI cricket. 

Virat Kohli - 55.63

image-lsq4wfv5Virat Kohli (X.com)

The absolute legend of modern-day cricket, Virat Kohli is on the path to becoming an all-time great. With already 80 international centuries, Virat has earned a huge amount of respect from the whole cricket fraternity. The 50-over format brings out the best out of him, as he has the most number of ODI centuries in the history of cricket. 

With age, he is getting even stronger and recently broke the record for most runs in a single World Cup season. Virat comes fifth on the list of players with the highest batting average after turning 30, with his average being 55.63. India is fortunate enough to have a player like him, who is always there to win games for the team.