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Top 5 Players With Most Test Runs Against Ravichandran Ashwin In India

image-lslr3looRavichandran Ashwin (X.com)

In the longest format of the game, the Indian team have a great track record at home, as they are yet to lose a series since the England tour of India in 2012. One of the main reasons for India's success in Test cricket is the off-spinner with a truckload of experience, Ravichandran Ashwin, especially on the home soil. He is just one wicket away from reaching the feat of 500 Test wickets, which will add another feather to his cap and make him a stalwart of Indian cricket. 

There have been a few batters who have managed to excel in the Indian conditions and had some success over Ravichandran Ashwin. As India heads into the third Test of the series against India, we at OneCricket are taking you through the batters with healthy records against Ashwin in Indian conditions. 

Let's have a look at the top 5 players with the most Test runs against Ravichandran Ashwin in India.

Alastair Cook - 314 Runs (England)

image-lslqauo0Alastair Cook (X.com)

The top-order batter, Sir Alastair Cook also known by the name of 'Chef' in the cricketing world is one of the legendary batters, England have produced over the years. There's hardly any part of the world where Cook hasn't scored runs. With over 12,000 Test runs in 161 appearances, Cook led the England team from the front. 

When it comes to playing red-ball cricket in India, Alastair Cook is among the best visiting batters. Despite Ashwin having a great record against the left-handers, Alastair cook managed to dominate him and hammered 314 runs with an average of nearly 45 against him, which makes him the most successful Test batter against Ashwin in India. 

Joe Root - 305 Runs (England)

image-lslqbul8Joe Root (X.com)

The right-handed middle-order batter, Joe Root has been the anchor for the England team over the last decade. With over 11,000 Test runs, he is nothing short of a force for his team and has managed to ace every place he plays in. With 30 Test centuries and 60 half-centuries, he is among the top batters in the sport currently. 

Playing in India is not everyone's cup of tea, especially in the longest format of the game, but Joe Root from England has managed to hammer over 1000 Test runs. With a truckload of experience under his belt, he has cracked the code of Ashwin and has smashed him for 305 runs so far with an average of 61, which makes him the second-best visiting batter. 

Ben Stokes - 202 Runs (England)

image-lslqsbcpBen Stokes (x.com)

When it comes to matchups in Test cricket, Ben Stokes and Ravichandran have been always the ones to watch out for. Stokes has been one of a kind for the England team over the last few years. He has managed to win the World Cup 2019 and even the T20 World Cup 2022 for the team, and now he has been doing an exceptional job as the Test captain. 

While playing red-ball cricket in India, he has hammered over 6000 runs in Test cricket and India is his third-highest-scoring nation with 682 runs. Out of these 682 runs, 202 have come against India's premier spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin. Meanwhile, Ashwin has also dismissed him 12 times in Test cricket

Steve Smith - 196 Runs (Australia)

image-lslq9xs4Steve Smith (X.com)

The man who made his international debut as a leg-spinner, Steve Smith, has turned out to be an impeccable batter for the Australian team. He is now among the top current batters in the longest format of the game with over 9,600 Test runs under his belt. He can bat at any position and after Warner's retirement, Smith has filled his position and playing as an opener. 

India is his third-highest-scoring place with over 800 runs in the region. When it comes to playing against Ashwin, Steve Smith has managed to hammer 196 runs with an average of 38.6, which makes him the fourth-best batter against Ravichandran Ashwin in Indian conditions.

Darren Bravo - 162 Runs (West Indies)

image-lslqxyu5Darren Bravo (X.com)

It's been so long since the West Indies team toured India for the Test series. But considering the amount of cricket they have played in India, Darren Bravo stands tall against the Indian spinning giant, scoring 162 runs against Ashwin, which makes him the fifth most successful batter in India while facing the off-spinner. 

Having played just five Tests in India, Darren Bravo managed to hammer sown over 500 runs with an amazing average of over 50. Surprisingly, he has the most number of Test centuries of his career in India rather than in the West Indies, which justifies how he cracked the code of Ravichandran Ashwin.