Top 5 Fastest Hundreds In World Cup History

image-lo5x3edsGlenn Maxwell's blitzkrieg lit up World Cup 2023 (Twitter)

In the collection of cricketing greats, every now and then, there emerges a knock that redefines the very boundaries of what's possible on the cricket pitch. Such was the spectacle at New Delhi's Arun Jaitley Stadium during the World Cup 2023 on Wednesday, where audacious Australian all-rounder, Glenn Maxwell rewrote the record books.

Top 5 Fastest World Cup Hundreds

Maxwell unleashed a masterclass in aggressive batting, bludgeoning his way to what now stands as the fastest century in World Cup history. The 35-year-old dynamo took just 40 balls, leaving spectators and pundits alike in a state of awe. Each shot smashed with authority, challenging the norm of conventional cricket and, in the process, turning Maxwell into a World Cup legend.

Just days earlier, at the very same ground, South African batter, Aiden Markram, had set the World Cup stage ablaze with a century off just 49 balls against Sri Lanka. As the world lauded Markram's knock little did they anticipate that this record would be ephemeral, soon to be overshadowed by Maxwell's brilliance.

As "Maxi" danced down the pitch, dispatching the Netherlands' bowlers to every conceivable corner of the ground, a feeling of witnessing history in the making permeated the air. The roaring crowd rose in unison, saluting the maestro for an innings that would etch its place in the history of cricket.

Here’s a look at the top five fastest hundreds in World Cup history.

1. Glenn Maxwell: The Dutch Hurricane - World Cup 2023

image-lo5x73s2Glenn Maxwell (Twitter)

At the apex of his career, Maxwell's knock against the Netherlands is nothing short of legendary. In what was a merciless display of explosive batting, Maxwell shattered the previous record with a breathtaking century off just 40 balls. 

This monumental inning witnessed a rain of boundaries - nine fours and a staggering eight sixes. The Dutch bowlers had no answers for Maxwell's brutal attack. He didn't just play the ball; he owned it. His final tally of 106 runs off 44 balls is an innings that will be recounted for generations and looks like a record that will remain untouched.

2. Aiden Markram: The South African Juggernaut - World Cup 2023

image-lo5x7gycAiden Markram (Twitter)

Aiden Markram's blitz against Sri Lanka in South Africa’s World Cup 2023 opener is another knock for the ages. Markram's 106 off 56 balls, with a robust fourteen boundaries and three massive sixes, is proof of his impeccable timing and immense power. The way he dismantled the Sri Lankan attack showcased a perfect combination of elegance and aggression. 

Scoring his century in 49 balls, Markram set the tone for the tournament. His knock propelled the Proteas to a monumental total of 428 which eventually proved too much for the Sri Lankans, who fell short by 102 runs.

3. Kevin O'Brien: The English Heartbreak - World Cup 2011

image-lo5x7wqdKevin O'Brien (Twitter)

Kevin O'Brien's whirlwind century against England in 2011 is one of the most unforgettable knocks in World Cup history. It wasn't just the speed of the century that was impressove but the situation in which he delivered. With Ireland chasing a colossal target of 328, O'Brien walked in with a mountain to climb. 

Unfazed, he unleashed an onslaught, scoring a blazing 113, with his century coming off just 50 balls. With England reeling from his attack, Ireland clinched victory with just 5 balls and 3 wickets remaining. O'Brien's heroics ensured a day of reckoning for the English side and a day of celebration for Irish cricket.

4. Glenn Maxwell: Lankan Whirlwind - World Cup 2015

image-lo5x896xGlenn Maxwell (Twitter)

2015 witnessed Maxwell, displaying his batting might against a sturdy Sri Lankan team. With a mix of power and finesse, Maxwell played an innings that was both savage and poetic. Speeding to his century in just 51 balls, his command over the game seemed unparalleled. Every stroke he played attested to his aggressive yet elegant batting style. 

Guiding Australia to a commanding 376/9, Maxwell's stunning 102 off 53 balls, filled with 19 boundaries and four sixes, was the highlight. The Lankans, overwhelmed by the Aussie might, collapsed at 312, gifting Australia a victory margin of 64 runs. Maxwell's innings that day firmly positioned him as one of cricket's elite batsmen.

5. AB de Villiers: Caribbean Masterclass - World Cup 2015

image-lo5x8uupAB de Villiers (Twitter)

AB de Villiers, often hailed as cricket's most inventive genius, proved his mettle against the West Indies in 2015. With a magnificent performance characterized by skill, creativity, and raw power, de Villiers blazed to his century in just 52 balls. The audience, both at the stadium and worldwide, watched in astonishment as he notched up an unbeaten 162, with strokes that seemed to defy the conventions of the game. 

Propelling the Proteas to a jaw-dropping 408/5, his innings was the cornerstone of their dominance. Faced with such a colossal target, the West Indian side crumbled, bowing out at 151, resulting in a thumping 257-run victory for South Africa. On that day, de Villiers didn't just play an innings; he delivered a masterclass in aggressive batting.