Why Did Asad Shafiq Abruptly Retire From International Cricket?

image-lq0lyp3eAsad Shafiq (X.com)

Asad Shafiq, a 38-year-old Pakistani veteran batter, announced retirement from all forms of cricket last weekend. In an official statement, Shafiq said the dip in passion for the sport and fitness required to stay relevant in international cricket drove him to call it quits.

“I am not feeling the same excitement and passion playing cricket and neither do I have the same fitness levels required for international cricket. Which is why I have decided to say goodbye to all cricket,” Asad Shafiq said in a press conference.

The veteran clarified later that he was under no pressure from anyone and wanted to step down voluntarily. 

That being said, Shafiq could be seen in a new role very soon as he made a startling revelation during a press conference. The former batter revealed that he had been offered a role on the PCB-appointed selection committee for the senior team led by Wahab Riaz.

Not only did Asad Shafiq accept the offer, but the appointment could be made official soon once the vetting process concludes. He says the new role seems exciting, and he is committed to giving his absolute best.

“I have got the contract from the board and I am looking at it, it will be processed soon,” he added.

Asad Shafiq: Backbone of Pakistan's then-Test side

PCB’s interest in Shafiq is understandable. The veteran batter played a crucial role in rebuilding Pakistani cricket after the infamous 2010 fixing scandal, which led to a complete collapse of the country’s cricketing structure. 

Asad Shafiq, along with Azhar Ali, Younis Khan, and Misbah ul Haq, formed a force to be reckoned with to whitewash Pakistan cricket’s image. 

Asad, specifically, remained the backbone of the test side from 2010 to 2020. He scored 4660 runs across 77 white ball games with an average of 38.19 whilst slamming 12 hundred and 27 half-centuries. Additionally, he also featured in 60 ODIs and 10 T20s.

However, owing to the youth influx and the slight dip in form, the batter was dropped in 2020. Yet, Shafiq continued to grind in domestic cricket with the hope of a comeback. But at the end of the day, father time got to him as the veteran struggled to keep up with the pace of modern-age international cricket.