When Virat Kohli Risked His Life To Have A Mutton Roll In South Africa

image-llp24buvKohli and Sangwan won U-19 WC in 2008 (Twitter)

Virat Kohli's former teammate Pradeep Sangwan shared a story that highlighted the former's fondness for food. Kohli was not always the fitness freak he is now. Back in the days when he was relatively fresh in international cricket, he was not among the fittest of cricketers and even did not follow the hardcore diet that he now does.

Kohli was such a foodie to an extent that he once had gone to an unsafe neighbourhood in South Africa to eat a mutton roll.

As revealed by Sangwan, Kohli insisted on going to that place, which they were told was unsafe. They had a few people chasing them. But, fortunately, they came out secured from there.

"He had been my room partner for seven-eight years in junior cricket. He used to love food, street food especially. He was a foodie, korma rolls, chicken rolls were his favourite. We were in South Africa with India under 19 team, and someone told him that you get a nice mutton roll at someplace, but it’s not in a secure neighbourhood," Sangwan wrote in his column for the Indian Express.

"Our driver too told us that food is nice but recently some fight took place around there and someone chopped someone’s hand there. I got scared, but he said, 'chal yaar, wahan chalenge' (no biggie, dude, let's go) and he took me there too. We ate and a few random guys chased us, but we just drove our car back and only stopped after reaching our place," he added.

As Kohli is now, he is under a strict fitness regime. He recently passed the yo-yo test with a score of 17.2 and is gearing up for the Asia Cup 2023.