Saikat Chatterjee ∙ Nov 3 2022, 12:50 PM | 2 Min Read

T20 World Cup 2022: Bangladesh accuse Virat Kohli of cheating 

image-la0qd9gxVirat Kohli (Source: AP)

Indian batsman Virat Kohli has been accused of cheating in the T20 World Cup 2022 game against Bangladesh.

The 33-year-old was involved in a fake-fielding incident during the second innings of the game. Kohli tried to deceive the Bangladesh batters with an illegal act. 

The Indian star was seen attempting a fake throw in order to confuse the batters and create a run out chance. However, the incident went unnoticed by the umpires and India escaped without a penalty. 

Bangladesh player Nurul Hasan has now outlined how India should have been penalised for Kohli's antics and the Tigers should have won the game. 

The Tigers ended up losing a close thriller and India could have easily ended up on the losing side if they had been penalised. As per the rules, a team is penalised five runs for fake-fielding. The ball is declared a no-ball as well. 

As per the ICC regulations, it is unfair for fielders to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batsman after the striker has received the ball.

Reacting on the incident, Nurul Hasan said (h/t Daily Mail):

"You saw that we had to play in a wet outfield, but there was also a case of fake fielding which also didn't go our way."

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