Multan Cricket Stadium

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Exploring the Grandeur of Multan Cricket Stadium

Situated in the ancient City of Shrines, the Multan Cricket Stadium is a monument of Pakistan's cricketing legacy. Its dense green outfields along with architecture reminiscent of Multan's celebrated shrines, establish a fusion of heritage and contemporary brilliance.

From hosting iconic games, such as Virender Sehwag's sensational triple century against Pakistan, to its recognition as the Multan Sultan's home turf in the PSL, the stadium has seen cricketing history being made, over and over.

Decoding the Pitch: Multan Cricket Stadium Pitch Report

The pitch at Multan Cricket Stadium is like a chameleon as its character changes from match to match

  • On many occasions, it presents itself as a batsman's paradise, lying flat with minimal grass, enabling high-scoring thrillers.
  • Yet, there are times when the green sheen offers pacers the luxury of seam and swing.
  • As Test matches unfold, batsmen find joy on days two and three, making the most of a benign pitch.
  • However, as the fourth and fifth days approach, spinners exploit the rough patches caused by the pitch's inherent dryness.
  • Such versatility ensures that every contest here is filled with unpredictability, making the game's outcome anyone's guess until the last ball.

Unforgettable Moments: Records at Multan Cricket Stadium

Over the years, Multan Cricket Stadium has been a silent witness to some of cricket's most iconic moments.

Virender Sehwag's Triple Century: A blistering 309 against Pakistan in March 2004, an innings that had every cricket fan on the edge of their seat.

Brian Lara’s Double Ton: Brian Lara scored 2016 here in November 2006 which was the ninth and last double century of his glorious career.

Abrar Ahmed's Debut: The debutant's bewitching spell against England in December 2022, claiming seven scalps remains etched in every cricket lover's memory.

Records That Stand the Test of Time: Multan Cricket Stadium Records

A glance into the record books, and one'll find the stadium is brimming with tales of extraordinary feats:

Highest Test Total: India's mammoth score of 675/5 underpinned by Sehwag's triple ton and Tendulkar's classical 194.

Highest Individual Score: Sehwag's breathtaking 309 off 375 balls.

Leading Run-Scorer: Mohammad Yousuf's aggregate of 517 runs at this venue reflects his dominance here.

Best Bowling Figures: Abrar Ahmed's 7/114 against England in 2022 stands atop.

Most Wickets at the Venue: Danish Kaneria's spin wizardry fetched him 22 wickets in just three matches.

Other Noteworthy Spells: Danish Kaneria's twin six-wicket hauls in a single Test and Anil Kumble's crucial six-for 72 against Pakistan in 2004.

Partnerships: Highest Partnership: Sehwag and Tendulkar's 336-run stand for the third wicket remains unbeaten to this day.

The Heart of Multan: All About the Stadium Itself

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Architectural Beauty and Heritage:

Design Inspiration: The stadium's architectural finesse is a blend of Multan's historic roots and the need for modern sports facilities. It doesn't just reflect the ancient city's aesthetic but typifies its spirit.

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Stand-out Features: Apart from the signature dome-shaped pavilions, the layered terraces and intricate latticework are reminiscent of Multan's traditional craftsmanship.

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Panoramic Views: Elevated stands offer spectators a bird's eye view, capturing both the thrilling action and the stadium's grandeur.

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An Ode to Cricket: Multan Cricket Stadium's Glorious Matches

Pakistan vs India (2004): This Test will always be remembered for Virender Sehwag's incredible 309, making him the first Indian to score a triple century in Test cricket and Sachin Tendulkar’s 194*. This match showcased aggressive batting at its best as India posted a colossal 675/5. In response, Pakistan were bundled out for 407 and 216 as India won the match by an innings an 52 runs.

Pakistan vs Bangladesh (2003): An edge-of-the-seat thriller where Pakistan managed to seal a narrow victory as they chased the 261-run target with just one wicket to spare.

Capacity and Beyond: Multan Cricket Stadium's Magnitude

The sheer magnitude of Multan Cricket Stadium extends beyond its architectural vastness to the hearts of its visitors.

Robust Infrastructure: With a capacity exceeding 35,000, it's equipped with state-of-the-art digital scoreboards, floodlights for night matches, and high-definition broadcast facilities.

Fan-Zone Activities: Beyond the matches, the stadium offers interactive zones, food courts serving local delicacies, and memorabilia shops that amplify the match-day experience.

Safety Measures: With modern surveillance systems and trained security personnel, the safety of spectators remains a top priority.

Delving into the Details: Multan Cricket Stadium Stats

The stadium's history is rich, told not just through iconic moments but also through numbers that reveal its story.

Multan Cricket Stadium Test stats and records

Matches Played
Matches Won Batting First3
Matches Won Batting Second 2
Matches Drawn1
Highest Individual Innings309 - Virender Sehwag
Best Bowling Figures7/114 - Abrar Ahmed
Highest Total 675/5 - India
Lowest Total134/10 - Bangladesh
Highest Run Chase 262/9 - Pakistan
Most Runs517 - Mohammad Yousuf
Most Wickets22 - Danish Kaneria
Highest Partnership336 - Virender Sehwag & Sachin Tendulkar

Multan Cricket Stadium ODI stats and records

Matches Played
Matches Won Batting First6
Matches Won Batting Second 5
Highest Individual Innings122 - Shai Hope
Best Bowling Figures4/19 - Mohammad Nawaz
Highest Total 323/3 - Pakistan
Lowest Total148/10 - Zimbabwe
Highest Run Chase
306/5 - West Indies
Most Runs199 - Imam-ul-Haq
Most Wickets7 - Mohammad Nawaz & Shadab Khan
Highest Partnership159 - Graeme Smith & Shaun Pollock

FAQs: Multan Cricket Stadium

Q.1. Tell me more about the pitch conditions at Multan Cricket Stadium.

The Multan Cricket Stadium typically sports a dry and flat pitch, leaning more towards favouring the batsmen. Here's a breakdown:

Batsmen-friendly: Over the years, Multan's pitch has witnessed several high-scoring games, underlining its reputation as a batsmen's paradise.

Slower in Pace: The pitch tends to be on the slower side, which can aid spinners, especially on the fourth and fifth days of a Test match.

Reverse Swing: Due to the dry conditions, fast bowlers can extract reverse swing, especially with the older ball.

Spinners' Assist: As the game progresses, especially in Test matches, spinners get appreciable turn and bounce.

Q.2. Are there any remarkable records held at Multan Cricket Stadium?

Yes, the stadium has been host to some notable records:

Virender Sehwag's 309: In 2004, Sehwag became the first Indian to score a triple century in Test cricket against Pakistan.

Abrar Ahmed’s Best Innings Figures (7/114) on Test debut for Pakistan: Before Abrar Ahmed's spectacular feat in the second Test against England in Multan in 2022, two other Pakistani bowlers had achieved a seven-wicket haul on their Test debuts. In 1969, Mohammad Nazir delivered an impressive performance with 7 for 99 against New Zealand. Later, in 1996, Mohammad Zahid surpassed those numbers with an outstanding 7 for 66, once again facing New Zealand.

Q.3. What is the seating capacity of Multan Cricket Stadium?

Multan Cricket Stadium is known not only for its significant matches but also for its expansive capacity to accommodate enthusiastic fans. The stadium underwent renovations and upgrades to ensure that it met international standards and offered an enhanced viewing experience for cricket lovers. 

The seating capacity of Multan Cricket Stadium stands at 35,000 spectators. This extensive capacity ensures that a large number of fans can witness live cricketing action, making the atmosphere electric during intense matches. This vast sea of spectators, dressed in varying hues of green, represents the passionate cricket following in the country.

Q.4. Which matches in the history of Multan Cricket Stadium are particularly iconic?

Pakistan vs. India (2004 Test): Renowned for Virender Sehwag's 309, this match was an epitome of aggressive batting.

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh (2003 Test): A nail-biting contest where Pakistan clinched a tight victory by just one wicket.

Multan Sultans' PSL Matches: As the home ground of Multan Sultans, the venue has witnessed many thrilling T20 games, adding to its collection of iconic matches.